Insurance ensures jumbos' safety

Insurance ensures jumbos' safety

 Elephants participating in the historic Mysore Dasara procession majestically stroll in the streets of the city in a pre-determined path in preparations for Jamboo Savari. Though the procession receives a lot of attraction from tourists and residents of the city alike, parading pachyderms has its risks.

In order to cover these risks, the elephants participating in Dasara are being insured by the district administration. Elephants were first insured in the year 2004, recalled Dr Nagaraj, veterinarian of the Forest department.

All the elephants taking part in Jamboo Savari have an insurance of Rs three lakh. “Two elephants, which are above sixty years of age, Sarala and Varalakshmi are insured for an amount of Rs two lakh,” he said.

The elephants were insured last month with the New India Assurance Company Ltd.

Amount increased

Though the insurance amount for animals was less when it was started, it gradually increased to meet the risks posed during the procession and other events of Dasara, he said.

Apart from the elephants, mahouts and kaavadis attached to the elephants are insured for an amount of Rs one lakh each, he said.Insurance for elephants are made to cover any injuries or damages faced by the elephant.

Sources said that the insurance is also a precaution for issues such as electrocution by live electric lines along the way of Jamboo Savari. Though enough precautions are taken, a potential risk cannot be ruled out, the source said.

Dr Nagaraj also said that district administration also insures for possible property damage during the procession.

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