No takers for Speaker's post

No takers for Speaker's post

Nobody likes to give up materialistic benefits, says a BJP leader

Interestingly, given a choice no minister would like to occupy the post. A senior BJP leader, when asked to explain why the situation is so, he said, “Nobody likes to give up materialistic benefits. That is the reason for so much fuss and heartburns to accept the post.”

He may be right to a large extent. But it cannot be generalised because some may not like to become Speaker because they would like to be in an executive post and remain active in party too.

The names which are making rounds as a replacement to Shettar are - ministers C M Udasi, Visvesvara Hegde Kageri and S Suresh Kumar. All three say that neither the CM nor the party president has sounded them about the new responsibility they may have to take. For the time being, Deputy Speaker Bopaiah will function as the
pro tem Speaker. Those whose names are being heard for the post generously compliment  Bopaiah for doing a 'good job' whenever he occupied the chair in the absence of Shettar, and he should be the successor to Shettar.

Decision tomorrow

But the BJP high command may not think so because there are too many aspirants to get ministerial berths. The Reddy camp and the supporters of Shettar are eager to occupy the two vacant berths in the Cabinet. In all probability, the party’s Delhi leaders, when they hold meeting in Bangalore on November 18, will decide as to who should become the Speaker.

Sources said Suresh Kumar is not interested in becoming the Speaker. He grew up in RSS, and he attends baithaks.

“Come what may, he will not become the Speaker. If the high command forces him, he will opt to quit as minister to remain active in politics and visible in his constituency,” the sources close to him said. When contacted, Udasi said, “I am reading in media that I may be nominated for the post. I am hearing this sort of news from the day I became minister. But the party has not sounded me.” Kageri was not available for comments.
When Deccan Herald, randomly spoke to at least half-a-dozen ministers, none of them showed inclination to become Speaker.

The Speaker's post is of Cabinet rank. But once an MLA becomes Speaker he has to become apolitical. They can visit their constituency but should not make comments regarding government's programmes in public.

BJP MP and former Assembly Speaker D B Chandre Gowda said the present generation has failed to understand the value of that post. “I was Speaker for two years. I was MLA from Thirthahalli and I was active in my constituency. I enjoyed the position I held. In India, PM, President, Chief Justice, Vice President, Council Chairman and Speaker (in that order) enjoy protocol. A Speaker's decision cannot be questioned even by the Supreme Court,” he pointed out.

Suresh Kumar and Kageri both have law degrees, while Udasi has studied up to 8th standard. Does a law degree is required to conduct the House? "Common sense is required to conduct the business and not degrees,” Gowda said.