'There will be an empty feeling'

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'There will be an empty feeling'

He is disappointed that Sachin Tendulkar is just two Tests away from quitting international cricket but Indian skipper Mahendra Singh Dhoni on Saturday said he is happy to see the celebrated veteran go out on his own terms.

“I knew it (retirement) was coming, I am quite happy for him, for the kind of illustrious career he has had, for the time he was at the top throughout his career. For 23 years or so he was always at the top,” said Dhoni.

“He had to carry the expectations of so many Indians At times the Indian fans set very high level of expectations. To bear with all of that and to come up with the performances that he came up with is fantastic. I think at the moment we would rather enjoy the two Test matches to the fullest.”

The India stumper lauded the way Tendulkar, shouldered the burden of expectations right through his glittering career. “...when you are top batsman for your side for a considerable period of time, everyone scrutinises your performance, when you score or not score runs,” Dhoni said.

“I think there was plenty he had to deal with apart from cricket, cricket of course was his passion. He had to deal with so many things that go around it. If you see all of that I think he has had a fantastic career,” said Dhoni.

While happy that Tendulkar would be retiring on his own terms, Dhoni felt that there will be a feeling of emptiness among cricket fans.

“He had a few injuries too and from whatever interaction I have had the rehabilitation was far more painful than the injury. I am very happy he had such a fantastic career and also for the fact that he retired on his own terms. At the same time at some corner of your heart there is a feeling that you won’t see him playing for the international team or any form of cricket. That’s the only thing I am disappointed about.”

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