Insured but prefer to stay fit naturally

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Insured but prefer to stay fit naturally

Fifty-six year old Alok Kumar Pandey is very particular about his daily activities. His day starts with a 20 minute walk and ends with a 15 minute stroll after dinner.

He has a reason to abide by his schedule as he is now heading towards an age which comes with all sorts of health problems. Yes, he has got health insurance too. But why is he so health-conscious when he can get proper treatment done from the insurance money?

“Health insurance doesn’t stop me from getting worried about my health. At a time when we all are tangled in the web of sedentary lifestyle, it becomes important to keep ourselves fit and fine,” says Alok, who is one amongst those, who participated in the Max Bupa Walk for Health Survey and is included in those 80 per cent of the people who are regular walkers yet have health insurance by their side.

According to the survey, which saw the participation of more than 18,000 people, Delhiites with insurance cover believe keep themselves healthy through regular walks. Nearly, 80 percent walkers in Delhi are insured in comparison to Mumbai which comprises only 66 per cent.

As learnt from the survey, 30-35 per cent Delhiites having insurance are of the opinion that walking is good for digestion, helps in controlling blood pressure, is good for body posture and muscles and improves functioning of heart and lungs. On the other hand, only 16-36 per cent Mumbaikars reiterate the same.

Like Alok, Rajendra Bajpai, a retired professor from North Eastern Hill University (NEHU), Shillong, who has been in the City for the last few years says, “Health insurance is like a supporting pillar. You know you can get the money when you need it in case of emergency. It is always in the back of mind. I need to keep myself agile because if I am not then the insurance money won’t be able to help me. Then I may have to spend double the amount of what I have given as premium for all these years.”

Interestingly, survey states that insured people are more health savvy. Out of 166 people in Delhi, 64 go for regular body check up and 20 to 30 people get their cholesterol, eye and dental check up done. “ It is important because when you know that you have a family of four people to look after, you can afford to get ill every time and make your dear ones run from pillar to post to get the insurance money refunded,” says Shekher Mishra, a lawyer by profession.

“Regular check-up pushes me to concentrate on my health and diet. Last year, my tests showed high cholesterol levels in my body. Doctor advised me to concentrate on a daily workout and diet and I have been doing that. Even though I have health insurance, I couldn’t have taken a backseat to see myself and my family suffer,” says he.
But this isn’t the case with those who are in the age group of 25 to 32.

Twenty-seven year old, Amit Raj, a marketing executive in a private firm is of the opinion that health insurance cannot make anyone health conscious. “To become health conscious is something that comes from within, insurance has nothing to do with it,” says Amit, for whom a personal health insurance policy comes with tax benefit.

“Payments made towards health insurance premiums are eligible for tax deductions. My brother asked me to take health insurance policy owing to the fact that my salary was under tax slab. So, for me it
is like a secure investment,”
says he.

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