Enemy or foe?

Why should I weep when I can cry? And also sob too? Similarly, when I can get hurt should I be injured also? Well, in English, we can do all these because the language is generous with words. That’s why if somebody gives you a job you can do that work or task; or if you are a kid you can as well be a child also. There are varieties of people or is it kinds of people? The two are similar or can we also say as equivalent words? Like enemy and foe.

That is the beauty of the language or is it a burden because we have to remember so many similar meaning words? Already we have spent quite a while learning the English alphabets twice – once in upper case and later in lower case. Perhaps this is the only such language on this planet where you have to learn the alphabets in two different forms or ways. Once we have learnt the alphabets we start learning words, again different words but with the same meaning. Like, ekam sat vipra bahu vadanti.

It is difficult, at least for me, to list the number of such words in the English dictionary but a cursory glance will throw umpteen examples. Do you notice or see that the dictionary is also a lexicon, and umpteen can as well be countless.

Bangalore is struggling with garbage because we simply do not know where to dispose of the trash. Or, we do not know how to trash the garbage. Our city fathers have proved or demonstrated their inability in this task. Try or attempt to think over this or, if you want, you can ponder over it. You will do the same thing even if you mull over it!

Which part or portion of the body you like? Someone might ask or question you. What answer or reply will you give or tender? Or, will you get mad or angry, frustrated, furious, incensed, enraged? The choice or selection is all yours. Go ahead and choose, after all you have the liberty or freedom to do so.

Are you building a house or constructing one? But we know or comprehend, understand, realise, perceive or discern that a home is not a house although the two sound similar. That is another beauty of the language. Prima facie the words appear to be similar in meaning but there will always be a subtle difference. Present and gift might appear to be similar but you can gift a house to someone but you cannot present it. Right? Or am I correct? Talking of subtle differences one is injured not hurt in an accident and similarly one is hurt by a remark not injured.

Such examples can be dime a dozen or plenty. Do you like or enjoy or appreciate if I keep listing them or make an inventory? That in fact will be quite a task or undertaking but I find it a pleasant or a pleasurable assignment or job. By writing this I am proving or demonstrating my ability or skill to prove that each sentence that we frame or write can be written in many or diverse ways.  Did you enjoy, relish or appreciate?

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