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Last Updated 21 October 2013, 14:51 IST

Golden Star Ganesh is an excited man for his latest release Sakkare has been running to full houses on the first day itself. 

Ganesh shed a lot of weight and has experimented with his clothes and hair – all in an effort to fit perfectly into the role. What’s also interesting is that the character that he plays is a lot like how Ganesh is in real life. 

Ganesh plays the character of Vinay in Sakkare, a lad who doesn’t take life too seriously and is willing to do just about any task that’s given to him. “We were careful to make sure that we didn’t go overboard with the character.

This young man knows no boundaries and thinks life is full of surprises. He takes disappointments in his stride and draws a lot of strength from failure,” Ganesh tells Metrolife.

One has never found Ganesh signing too many projects at one go. 

   He is patient and confesses that he doesn’t believe in jumbling up too many things. “Two things that I just don’t do is to jumble up too many projects and secondly, I don’t attempt to predict the outcome of any of my projects. I am open to criticism and I don’t spend much time analysing the effect,” he adds. 
Ganesh states that he is popular among the people for his emotional roles and his comedy. 

   “The emotional side of me comes out well in the movie. I make sure I laugh a lot and it’s love portrayed in a different light,” he notes. 

Ganesh will also be seen doing a double role in PC Shekar’s project and he says that he can’t wait to challenge himself as an actor. “I try to give all the roles I get my best shot and now that I am doing a double role, you can imagine the anxiety and excitement going on inside me. I can’t wait to start work,” he shares.  

There are days when things don’t go as planned but Ganesh thinks his strength is his positive approach to life and to whatever else he lays his hands on. “I always go with Plan A and never settle for Plan B. This has brought me to where I am today,” he signs off. 

(Published 21 October 2013, 14:51 IST)

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