Go trick or treating

Spooky night

Go trick  or treating

For some, it’s about the candy. For others, the joy of just being with friends. Whatever may be the reason, Halloween, which is celebrated on October 31, wasn’t a known celebration in the City till a decade back.

But today, it has become another excuse for partying and socialising, especially for the expatriates and fun-loving Bangaloreans.    Metrolife speaks to expatriates and people in the City about this day.

For Bob Massa from Oklahoma, the day has been about getting together with people and having some fun. “It’s always great for anyone to be themselves and act silly. Most of the festivals that are celebrated are either religious or history-based, but this festivity is absolutely topic-free,” says Bob. Despite not seeing this is as an option for ‘trick-o-treating’, Bob recollects how he dressed up as the ‘Blues Brother Butcher’ for a party last year. “It’s a good excuse to dress fancy,” he adds.

Natallia from Belarus, says that despite Halloween not being a traditional holiday back home, she likes to practice it here for her nine-year old daughter Anastasia.

Anastasia, who wore a witch costume last year, is excited about the coming day. “I’m looking forward to enjoying with friends and hoping to be dressed as the ogre Princess Fiona of ‘Shrek’,” she says. Natallia adds with a smile, “I wonder where I will get the green makeup required for the character.”

Celebrating any festival here in India has its own special flavour, says Stella Levin from Denmark. “Back home, this festival is a relatively new one. There, Halloween is celebrated with carved pumpkins and lanterns, where kids go door-to-door in their pretty costumes,” says Stella.

Stella, who was dressed as a witch with her husband Michael Traesborg as a devil for a costume party last year, says that in the City, it’s a perfect reason for people from different regions to come together.

Vivi George from New Jersey, who stays in Whitefield, has been hosting a Halloween party, since she came to Bangalore six years back. “We celebrate Halloween in grand style, with all the decorations possible. There will be cobwebs and blood prints all across the house, with other decorations in the theme colours – orange and black,” details Vivi.

She adds that finger foods like candies and fruits are served at the party usually, since most of the guests come in elaborate costumes with makeup. “Like every year, we will be hosting the party this year too on October 31,” she says.
Ema Trinidad, who hails from the Philippines, has also been hosting Halloween parties in the City for the last four years.

Since this is a long weekend, she says, most people are travelling. “Thus, we have decided to gather at Vivi’s party,” she says excitedly. Ema recollects how her favourite costume was the witch from ‘Wizard of Oz’.

“I think it was one of my most impressive costumes as I did manage to make some kids cry,” she narrates.

There will be others who will be celebrating the night in their own style. Ajit Singh Tapaswi will be organising a unique event for Halloween with live music by 'Kuru Circus and friends', which will include chanting of mantras at The Yoga House, Indiranagar.

 “This party is not going to be a dark event like most people think of Halloween. This day is about expressing oneself and we will be trying to do that in a clean and non-alcoholic fashion,” he wraps up.

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