Let your pet teach you to mind map!

Let your pet teach you to mind map!

Let your pet teach you to mind map!

The teacher just droned on and on and on and on, during the geography class which also came after lunch when snoozing seemed the best thing to do.

But luckily, the Afternoon Angel arrived just in time. He was an enormous  dark grey  bull named Ravan who rumbled into the field just outside the class window, to save me from the embarrassment of being found snoring.

I woke up at once to watch this frightening, fearful bull chasing the poor farmer who scampered off in fright! This daily drama lasted for five or ten minutes as the bull and the farmer went round and round the field trying to settle their scores.

Boredom vanished thanks but alas I remained weak in Geography for many years! This could also be because I often brought the school dhobi’s kitten into class and played with her while suffering that dreadful droning. I was sent out of class so often for this bad behaviour that geography became the very dark history of my own school days! Then last week I found a very useful book which delighted me as much as Ravan did as he killed boredom! This book called Mind Maps for kids An Introduction The Shortcut to SUCCESS at SCHOOL by Tony Buzan (www.thorsonselement.com) is crammed with so much fun, bright colourful tips and advice that it is impossible to put it down without reading it off in one quick gobble. The book is suitable for ages 7-14.

It almost makes you believe that a wizard is telling you how to deal with all those classroom messes, muddles, mistakes, problems and worries that often make you want to pretend to have a cold, a cough, fever, headache, stomach ache etc. just to stay home and watch t.v.

The mind maps that this best selling author teaches you to make is dedicated to kids everywhere! His work has been published in 100 countries and 30 languages. Tony admits that homework, terrible and frightening exams, tests etc. worried him too. But a magic tool to make homework easy, to help you to pass exams and tests, is at hand. So is a secret formula called Mind Map. He says that Mind Maps have already helped millions of students around the world to get better marks with less work! Doesn’t that sound thrilling? And as you read the book and learn how to make Mind Maps using just your brain and a few coloured pens, you will truly be convinced that there is a small wizard sitting inside you and helping all the way!

This amazing little book tells you how to cut that dreadful homework time in half so that you have more time to play or make a pizza or gobble one! It teaches you to come up with ideas, find fun ways to solve problems and best of all, to remember things! If it is history that fills you with dread, or Algebra, homework, examinations or projects, Mind Maps will come to your aid. If you are bored with taking notes, don’t worry, help is at hand using your brain and your favourite colours! Buzan tells you that all this time you have probably been using only the left side of your brain for making notes, doing homework etc. But he teaches you to use a more brain-friendly method! It is time to try a Mind Map -  a formula of fun and friendly tips. And the Mind Map Tool Kit is very affordable - all you need is paper, coloured pens and your brain!

This is only the tip of this amazing maze of magic! Learn more by reading this book and learning to make your own Mind Maps. You will thank the writer as much as I thanked that huge, malignantly maddened bull all those years ago! And being luckier than me, you will not get stuck in the Geography Maze for ever as I am!