For that touch of class...

For that touch of class...

For that touch of class...

No home small or big can do without side tables, coffee tables or stools in just about every part of the home. These little pieces of furniture which come in all shapes and sizes and is which is made of every conceivable material do not simply deck up your home but render great utility value.

Even if you already possess some of these, you will not regret if you buy a couple more because they will come in handy at one time or another.
Those of you who plan to invest in some of these side tables for the very first time can go slow on the shopping spree for it is quite likely that you will have to pick and choose from literally thousands of varieties of side tables available readily in the market even if you are planning to buy half a dozen of them. The prices range from as low as Rs fifty to fifty thousands depending on the material and the workmanship on the furniture.
There are several endearing and exclusive side tables made of fibre glass, wooden ones with inlaid work, wrought iron, glass, lacquer work, bamboo, brass stools and terracotta which lend ambience to your living space. You can go for some of these to pamper your décor on special occasions.

Creativity is the name of the game, the picture alongside will give you a glimpse of the infinite range and variety of side stools that have stemmed from human imagination.

For those who can afford, the arts and crafts emporiums dealing with antique pieces are flooded with exotic teak, rosewood, oaken and even sandalwood coffee tables with inlaid work in brass, silver or ivory. Such coffee tables are relics by themselves and it would be such a shame to place anything at all on them.
Go in for variety
It will help you to follow some basic guidelines when you shop for side stools. As far as possible try to purchase as many different types of tables so that it can capture the moods of different corners of your residence. If you have very small children it is advisable to avoid glass top side stools for the simple reason that your investment may crumble for no fault of yours though they seem to be the all time favourite in the market.

Wrought iron stools will prove their worthiness if placed in open patios or in the children’s rooms for the simple reason that they can bear weight and do not tend to skid even on very smooth flooring.
Heavy artefact or even books can be placed on them, even if people sit on them there is nothing much to worry about. Wooden side tables and stools if ornate can find a place in the living or the dining space of your home. Small stools with drawers or compartments will prove to be good bedside tables too.
If simple and sturdy it will be of immense use in the kitchen and store room area by adding that extra foot to your height and also help you rest yourself while involved in some time consuming chores.

Plastic could an option
Strong, short and washable plastic stools in colours which compliment the tiles of your bathroom will prove to be of great utility when giving young children a head bath and you can place your laundry basket on it without giving way to moisture.
Once you decide on the material of your choice, you should consider the shapes and sizes that you would like to opt. Once again, you could throw uniformity out of the window and shop for different shapes so that you can experience change whenever you re-arrange your furniture.
It is always safer and much more comfortable to have coffee tables with rounded edges at the centres and the angular ones in the corners so that your walls are not damaged.

Main coffee table
The main coffee table which will adorn your living room would do well if it matches your sofa set, in terms of material and design.
A fairly large and low rectangular or oval shaped coffee table endowed with a lower compartment will do well to compliment your living room well.
While the lower area can hold your daily newspaper and a recent magazine a flower vase or a statuette can be place on the top. The corners of your living room would do well to have a couple of side tables too.
They could be smaller, preferably triangular or square in shape.
They could hold your pretty knicknack, table clocks, flowers, family pictures, greeting cards, artifacts just about anything you want to display.
You could alter the arrangement on these table tops from time to time and exercise your creativity.