Following her dreams

Following her dreams

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Following her dreams

Actress Aamna Sharif, who played the role of Kashish, in TV serial Kahiin To Hoga is now acting in movies. Speaking about the transition from television to the 70 mm, she said, “TV becomes mechanical. Everyday you get up and play the same role but it is not the same with movies. In each movie, you get to play a different character.” But television does seem to linger longer in the minds of the viewers, so is she still known as Kashish?

“No, not anymore. I waited for over a year for the Kashish image to wear out and then stepped into movies. Now people recognise me as Aamna. But I’m grateful to television because it gave me the name and fame that I have today,” she said.

So is it the end of acting on television? “For now, I’m concentrating on movies. From the beginning I was clear that movies were my destination. If I get some good offers later on TV, I may reconsider,” she asserted.

The two-film-old star said that she enjoyed acting in Aao Wish Karein, where she plays the role of an angel called Mitika. Coming from a conservative Muslim family, it was not easy for Aamna to follow her dreams. She had always wanted to act. “I started my career with modelling when I was in college and then got into television. I always wanted to act in movies and so now I’m here,” she said. Recalling her passion for acting since childhood days, she revealed:  “When I was younger, I would save all the pocket money for the entire year and call a cameraman who shot marriage videos. I would dress up in colourful outfits and dance to the then famous Bollywood tracks.”

When asked what kind of roles she would like to do, Aamna said, “I like doing romantic and emotional roles. I feel those roles suit me because I have cried on TV for almost three years and people have liked me doing that. Jokes apart, I like running around trees and dancing in the rain kind of sequences. I think every actress secretly wants to do roles like those.”  

She also said that she would love to do a period film. “I’ve done just two films as of now. After acting in about seven odd films, I would like to act in a period film. I’m sure every actress dreams of essaying a historic character. It is exciting to play someone famous,” she said. Comedy is also a genre, Aamna would like to venture into. “I have done bits and pieces of comedy in Aloo Chaat and Aao Wish Karein. It is nice to do comedy scenes with Aftab as he has great comic timing,” she said. About her future projects, she said, “I have been reading scripts but I can't say anything. I want Aao Wish Karein to do well.” We too ‘wish’ that it does well.