A real picture of the corporate world

A real picture of the corporate world

Informative session

The MBA students of ISBR attended a series of panel discussions held in the college. The discussions had a team of experts from various sectors like hospitality, real estate, manufacturing, finance and IT.

Students were made aware of industry practices, skills and the attitude required. They were also given tips to crack interviews. The sessions were moderated by the faculty members.
The interactive discussion concluded with a question-answer session.

   Krishnadas, a third-semester PGDM (marketing) student, felt that the sessions were an eye-opener to the working of the corporate world. “The panelists spoke about the present situation in the market. I felt that the sessions bridged the much needed
academia-industry gap. Now we can build on these
experiences,” he explained.

Pointing out that the students were new to the industry jargon, Vijith VS, another student, said, “Understanding some of those terms was a bit challenging. But after the sessions, we consulted our faculty members who helped us get a complete picture.”

He added, “The panelists shared many of their experiences which I’m sure will come of use to us.”

 Agreed Sangeeta Sarnah, who attended all the sessions, “We got an idea of the working of so many different sectors. In fact, we got a real picture of the industries. I’m sure this will help us.”

Explaining that the sessions were a ‘practical experience’, a second-year student of marketing and international business, Srinivasa Nandan, said, “I particularly enjoyed the discussion on real estate, which I felt I could relate to especially since I have done my internship in the same area.”