'This year has been a turning point'

'This year has been a turning point'

She shot to fame with the Kannada film Ganda Hendathi in 2006 and since then, actress Sanjjanaa has come a long way. With six films in her kitty, all set to release early next year, she is more than happy with the way this year is going by. In her words, the year has been ‘eventful’.

The actress says, “This year has really been a turning point in my career. I am much obliged and grateful for all that has gone by so far.” The actress has three releases, in Kannada and Telugu, in the pipeline. So was performing for the Telugu audience a different experience?

Sanjjanaa ponders, “Not really. It is just a common perception that the fanfare
is much larger there but they are like any other audience.” She doesn’t forget to add that after so many years of work, Hyderabad has become more like home.

It is popularly believed that the Telugu film industry has more young actors than the Kannada industry, but Sanjjanaa believes otherwise.

“There are senior actors and upcoming actors in every industry. However, I don’t feel the difference while working. There is something to learn from everyone.”

Working in other languages doesn’t stop good films from reaching a larger audience, she says. Sanjjanaa adds, “Hit films are always brought out in other languages. So this way, no film is side-lined.”

The actress, who is mostly seen in commercial roles, thinks that art films are
made for a different crowd altogether.

She explains, “Art films satisfy the soul of the actors, directors and the audience watching them. There is a completely different set of viewers for these films and not everybody can
enjoy the experience of watching them.”

When quizzed about the roles she would like to play, she doesn’t take time to say that fun films are her cup of tea.

She adds, “I enjoy working on light-hearted and fun-filled films. At the same time, inspirational movies too impress me a lot. The recent Hindi release Bhaag Milkha Bhaag was a beautiful movie. I wish to work in such films."

How does the busy actress unwind? She says, “I am incomplete without travel and I have to take off every weekend just to relax and rejuvenate.” With only a few weeks left for New Year, Sanjjanaa already has plans to bring in 2014 with entertainment. “I will be performing on December 31 and I will be with my family on New Year Day. There will be lot of chaos everywhere at that time and I prefer to spend some quality time with my family members,” she sums up.

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