An amalgamation of different sounds

An amalgamation of different sounds

Berlin-based electronic music and sound artiste Grischa Lichtenberger treated Bangaloreans in his unique style at the Humming Tree recently. Apart from Grischa, Ish and Gean Claude too entertained the audience with their performances. Ish played a combination of atmospheric drums and bass.

This was the first time that Grischa was performing in the City and he was quite happy with the experience. “It is quite a different experience for a European. It’s very calm and quiet back in Europe but everything here is so vibrant and bright. My performance will be a little different than the generic music that electronic and sound artistes play. Since it is electronic music, I can do a lot of things with it. There are endless possibilities. My performance will be very abstract and experimental,” he says. “I have no names for the tracks I play. But I have named them according to my convenience and for the show, I am going to play some tracks which are abstract in nature. On my next visit to India, I might make a track inspired by this country,” he notes.

The audience enjoyed the variety of music that was being played by the artistes. Mansi, who was there with her group of friends, was quite excited to hear the German artiste. “This is the first time that I am experiencing electronic music. It is quite different and one needs to be extremely creative to play such music. I really like the way these artistes have picked up a variety of sounds and mixed them together. The end result is fabulous,” she says.

While some tracks had defining beats and rhythms, the others were a random assortment of sounds that had been put together and mixed with other sounds and played. Bhavik, who was there at the show, felt that the Indian audience needs a little more exposure to enjoy electronic music.

“We don’t have many electronic music artistes in the country and hence, our knowledge and exposure of this genre of music is very shallow. While some develop a taste for such music, many others don’t enjoy it much. I like this kind of music. It’s very creative and a huge challenge for artistes to come up with concepts which is an amalgamation of different sounds,” he says.

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