More than just jazz

The Jazz Theatre at Windmills Craftworks hosted a treat for two consecutive nights for those who enjoy a little jazz and swing over the weekend. Popular Dutch jazz quartet ‘Wired Paradise’ turned in a scintillating performance for modern jazz lovers as well as those who can never get over the yesteryear sounds.

The mesmerising quartet comprised of Yuri Honing on tenor saxophone, Stef van Es on guitar, Mark Haanstra on bass and Joost Lijbaart on drums.

Their innovative mix of rock, electronics and jazz have been enthralling audiences the world over and Bangalore was no different. Since 2006, the band has been performing back home and abroad, conquering the music circuit with their unique mix of genres. Yuri, who was awarded the prestigious jazz ‘Boy Edgar Prize’ in 2002, takes the lead with exotic melodies carried by his soul-cutting saxophone sound. Other than the delightful range of music covered, the choice of songs was also interesting.

As was evident, a lot of planning had also gone into making their setlist perfect on each of the nights. The gig saw the band perform some of their original numbers, with each one being better crafted than the other. Some of the originals included ‘Miracle of the Fishes’, ‘Tensing Norgay’, which is inspired by a George Clooney film quote, ‘Borchardt’ and ‘Memory of Enchantment’ among others. They also performed some impressive renditions of popular hits, including a tribute to David Bowie with ‘Space Oddity’.

There was no doubt that the audience was having a good time. Kshitij Nair, a jazz enthusiast, said, “It was a great mix of high-energy jazz and rock sounds with a refreshing twist of electronic elements added to it.”

Ranjit B, a regular at the music venue, was seen enjoying the music. Asked about his thoughts on ‘Wired Paradise’, he replied, “There was a very creative use of electronic textures under Yuri’s soul-searing melodies. Seeing this band here with such a lovely setting, such great sound and a good ambience was a real treat.”

Aparna N, an audience member, said, “The drumming was just spot-on, the bass section was extremely solid bass and the sound being supported by very fine keyboard work made it thoroughly enjoyable. And of course, Yuri’s saxophone playing was just sublime. What a gig! This would be another feather in the Windmills Craftworks cap.”

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