Rampura lake turns into a landfill

Rampura lake turns into a landfill

The garbage crisis is taking its toll on Rampura lake in East Bangalore with waste being dumped there.

The lake is gradually being converted into a landfill, with garbage transporters conveniently dumping garbage midway instead of taking it to the landfill site located in Mandur.

Spread over 100 acres, the lake has been completely filled with sewage water and weeds, rising unbearable stench. Residents of Rampura, K Channasandra and Bili Shivalaya, allege that after 11 pm, several lorries line up there to dump waste into the lake. The accumulation of garbage has turned the water body into a breeding ground for mosquitoes.

Gangadhar, a resident of K Channasandra, says, “The road adjacent to Rampura lake is the only way we can reach the main road. But due to the stink, it is very difficult to use the road.”

Residents say drivers of garbage trucks choose to dump  the garbage midway into the Rampura lake, instead of going all the way to Mandur, 18 km away.

“At nightfall, there are  swarms of mosquitoes which make it impossible to ride on the road. We have lodged several complaints with BBMP, but to no avail. How can we go and complain to people who are themselves the main cause for this menace,” said Anjinappa, another villager.

Not only garbage, but construction debris is also being dumped on the lakebed.
Muni Reddy, another resident, says, “The entire lake is polluted. Even if BBMP wants to clean it up, it is a huge task and cannot be done in a short time. In addition, sewage water is also being let into the lake, worsening matters.”

He said that the water was so contaminated that some cattle which had grazed on the weeds in the lake died after a few days.

Residents lamented that birds, which frequented the lake earlier, have not been seen in the last couple of years.

Satish, Chief Engineer of Lake Development Authority, BBMP, said, “This lake falls in the jurisdiction of Bangalore Development Authority (BDA) and they should be made aware of the situation first. With regard to garbage dumping here we will look into the matter and take necessary action against the lorry drivers.”

While BDA officials pointed out it was the responsibility of Palike to stop dumping of garbage by trucks, they admitted that  it would take both BBMP and BDA to clean the lake.

Shivashankar, an engineer with BDA, also suggested deployment of home guards to stop dumping.

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