Coir product making training given to youth

133 persons from Maoist-infested villages selected under scheme

The State government has been making an effort to take people residing in Maoist-infested villages into confidence by promoting income and employment generating activities. With the help of the Coir Development Board, the government has taken up an initiative to impart training in making value-added coir-based products in Maoist-infested areas in Udupi district.

Currently, 133 youth are undergoing training in three units in Udupi district— Mala in Karkala (24 youth), Edubare in Karkala (24) and Madur in Kundapur taluk (70 youth). Besides, 15 women are trained in the State Home in Nittur. They have been training in making coir products.

In Udupi district initially three units were set up to impart training during 2013-14.  The 60 days training programme ensures a stipend of Rs 1,500 to the trainees. The areas targeted include Jadkal, Kerekatte, Karkunje, Wakwadi, Shettigere, Anegalli, Sasthana,  Hanegalli, and Nittur.

The programme is offered to the youth  in the age group of 18-35. It is offered to all irrespective of caste reservation. In the training camp, the trainees are trained in the coir spinning yard and  coir mat making.

Speaking to Deccan Herald, Coir Development Board regional officer Rajashekhar H K said the training units also comprises of production units. This will support the trainees once they complete their training programmes. They can join as labourers in the production unit.

Each one can earn up to Rs 250 to 300 per day. Currently, measures have been taken to provide lunch to the trainees in association with Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Programme, Rajashekhar added.

The Coir Development Board is offering raw materials to manufacture the coir products and also providing the marketing facilities to the products manufactured in the production units.

Kamala Gowda from Edubare said she has joined the training  programme so that she can be self- reliant. She also expressed concern over the possibilities of getting employment following the completion of the training programme.

Udupi District Malekudiya Association president Sridhar Gowda Edu is not optimistic over the new initiative introduced by the government to employ the people in Maoist- infested areas.

Sridhar Gowda said “the government had promised several programmes guaranteeing employment to youth in Maoist prone areas in the past. I certainly doubt over the success of these programmes. Most of the programmes go standstill owing to  apathy of the officials. Added to the woes is that the people who join are left with uncertain livelihood even after completing the training  programme. What is the guarantee that the youth who undergo training in the coir products manufacturing units are promised of a job.

There are many programmes that were introduced. However ,there is no serious attempt by the government to bring the people in Maoist infested areas to the mainstream of the society. Poverty, unemployment problems continue to loom at large. There is no adequate basic infrastructure facilities in the Maoist prone areas. The training should also help the women in the area, so that they can find a source of livelihood.”

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