Elderly, disabled turn up to vote in Delhi despite hardships

Elderly, disabled turn up to vote in Delhi despite hardships

 Notwithstanding their physical limitations and absence of facilities, elderly and differently-abled people turned up in large numbers at the polling stations across Delhi to exercise their franchise today.

Many came to the polling booths with the aid of walking sticks and some even on wheel-chairs, with the help of their kin.

79-year-old Suk Bir Singh, who is visually impaired, had come with his six-year old grandson to cast his vote.

"I have never missed the vote till now. Many wonder what change one vote will bring. But I know every single vote counts," Singh said, sipping tea which his grandson had got him after he cast his vote at Laxminagar constituency.

Absence of wheelchairs and ramps at the polling booths could not affect the indomitable spirit of these voters.

78-year old I P Fauz from Krishna Nagar appeared cheerful as she walked out of the booth with the help of a stick.

"I was exempted from standing in the queue and was also escorted to the booth by the officials," she said flashing a smile.

However, she added that had there been wheelchairs, it would have been easier for her as she suffered from arthritis.

"Our parents have always taught us that we should always exercise our rights as it is we who build the government," she said.

As for 75 year-old Mango Devi, she was helped to the booth by a few men after witnessing her effort and enthusiasm.

Dewan Singh Bisht, 80, who had come with his entire family to cast vote, said that when the promised facilities are not given, not many want to make the effort of going out to vote.His son said, "My father is old but he still insisted on going out to vote. I got enthused seeing his spirit."

Some senior citizens at Sarvodaya Bal Vidyalaya in Laxminagar reached the polling booth in an electric autorickshaw.

"This was an entirely different experience unlike past years. Such an arrangement is fantastic," Kamla Bhatia said. 

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