Share cosmetics at your own peril

Skin care

It’s the wedding season and everyone wants to look gorgeous – not just with
the best outfits in town but also the most perfect complementing make-up possible.

So a lot of us slather on foundation and mascara at home while many others head to
the neighbourhood make-up ‘aunty’ to get it done ‘professionally.’

However, this ‘professional’ help may turn out to be executed very ‘unprofessionally’ at times. Many women report skin break-outs, inflammation of existing pimples/acne and eye trouble such as rashes and styes after getting made-up in a parlour. There are certain measures though that one can take to avoid skin troubles at such times. Read on...
“First things first,” Nirmal Randhawa, skin therapist and make-up artist, Indica Makeover Studio, says, “Go to only a good, reputed beauty parlour even if it costs you slightly more than a neighbourhood one. Skin and eyes are very sensitive organs.

Even a slightly inferior quality cosmetic can lead to lifelong scars and skin problems. Many run-of-the-mill parlours use cosmetics which are past their expiry date. Be careful of such places.”

“Secondly,” she adds, “If you are in an unfamiliar place, say, in an outstation wedding, where you just ‘have’ to go to an untrusted parlour, keep certain things in mind. Ask the make-up artist to apply a pre-base cream even before the foundation. This will make sure that the make-up is not in direct contact with your skin and you’ll not have to suffer ill-effects of a bad cosmetic.”

Nirmal also recommends that certain cosmetics which come in contact with sensitive organs like eyes, such as kajal, should either be applied at home, or carried to a parlour. “Kajal is applied to the inner part of the eyelids which are very prone to infection. In parlours, such cosmetics are applied to thousands of women over months. Therefore, I feel, it’s better that such things, which cost only a few bucks, should be personal.”

When you are done with your function and want to remove the make-up, a strict skin care regimen has to be followed. Nirmal says, “First, wash your face with an antiseptic facewash. Then, apply a make-up remover, or in its absence, cleansing milk. Massage and keep it on for a few minutes. Then, apply a second round of facewash and the milk/remover again. Slather on a night cream before going to bed.”

As for the eyes, Nirmal says an eye make-up remover is the best. But in case you don’t have one, Johnson buds can come in very handy, “Take a small bowl of water. Dip a bud in it and use it to remove the kajal, mascara, eye shadow etc. One bud would not be
sufficient so go on doing it till all the traces of make-up are removed.”

One thing you must keep in mind is not to use hot water to remove face or eye make-up. “Absolutely, don’t do that. Many foundations these days use paraffin oil which can melt if you use hot water to remove it. Apply only cold or lukewarm water to get rid of it.”   

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