When acting runs in the family...

When acting runs in the family...


When acting runs in the family...

They are popular and so are their siblings. While stars find it easier when their spouse is from the same field, siblings from the industry, on the other hand, have a different story to tell. Having grown up together, they are bound to share an instant comfort zone even though there may be some sibling rivalry or at least minor disagreements.

The Kannada film industry has seen many such star siblings. Recently one of Jaggesh’s sons, Gururaj made his debut in Gilli which also starred his younger brother Yathiraj, which proved to be an advantage for Gururaj.

He says, “Firstly, there was a familiar face on the sets. So it was always nice to have him around. In fact, my first film was memorable because of him. Since this film saw me as a hero and he played my friend, I have promised him that the next film will have him as a hero and me in a smaller role.”

But when it comes to rivalry, both say that it is the maturity that gets them through. “We are the best of friends and also advisors to each other. I don’t think we can ever be rivals because we are just way too above all those things,” he adds.        

In the film industry, it’s not always a celebrity child who gets an easy break into the industry. The celebrity siblings get as much a chance. While the elder one may have made it up there through a rough weather, for younger brothers and sisters, it’s easier to get in. Radhika Gandhi too, got her first break rather easily, thanks to her sister, Pooja Gandhi.

Today, both are starring in Srihari Harikathe, an experience they describe as an enjoyable one. Ask Radhika, how the experience was facing the camera for the first time alongside her sister and she says, “It was a bit awkward at first, but then we got very comfortable.” She adds, “I have always looked up to her and seen her in her good and bad times. I learnt so much from her and I am not going to repeat the mistakes she has made,” says Radhika.

Most of these star siblings agree that the learning experience is one of the biggest advantages about working with each other. Sri Murali who has worked with his brother Vijay Raghavendra in Minchina Ota, says that his brother is a far better actor than him. “When we worked together, he helped me learn so many things and corrected me. On sets, more than actors we were friends doing a movie together,” he adds.

With so many praises for their siblings, these celebrities sure seem confident on the comfort level they share. But when asked if they would readily sign a project if they were cast with their sibling, their only reply is, “It all depends on the ‘right’ script.”

Siblings who have worked together in a film

*  Shivarajkumar and Raghavendra Rajkumar

*  Shankar Nag and Ananth Nag

*  Komal and Jaggesh

*  Ravichandran and Balaji

*  Kishore Kumar and Ashok Kumar

*  Salman Khan and Arbaaz Khan

*  Shilpa Shetty and Shamita Shetty

*  Sunny Deol and Bobby Deol