Inner peace through spiritual wisdom

We all are gifted with unique abilities and resources to lead peaceful and happy lives provided we follow the right set of rules.

Peace within the self is a multi-splendoured experience for which sages and saints have spent their whole lives rediscovering the eternal truths by practising deep meditation for hours, over year after year.

Their experience based doctrine conveys to us to focus on the universal spiritual truths, principles and practices that provide balance in our lives at all levels. Those of us, who have dared to understand and follow these truths and principles, enjoy inner peace in personal lives and happiness too in family life.

However, due to the ever-increasing competition in the physical world, unending demands of materialistic nature and degeneration of the value system, everyone feels the loss of inner peace and mental tranquility. Having gone astray, people are now subjected to a lot of confusion and upheaval. Moreover, individual karmic accounts have led to accumulation of unlimited negativity in one’s sanskars, thereby compelling souls to forget their original loving nature of peace and love and behave rudely.

Today, we see that the vices of greed have penetrated at all the levels in society, be it political, civil and even medicine, too. With massive scandals happening on a daily basis, there has been a “trust deficit” in society at a mass scale, putting the entire humanity in turmoil. Under such a scenario, how can one even think of experiencing inner peace?

The only hope for humankind under such a crisis lies in the Almighty’s wisdom and connectivity, by which we feel blessed, energetic and secure, for it is this divine wisdom which empowers us to have clear vision of ourselves and our roles in this world drama.

With this renewed consciousness about self, we can re-experience the beauty and power of our eternal relationship with the Supreme who is our eternal father-cum-spiritual teacher. He showers us with jewels of spiritual wisdom, by which we become prosperous in values and virtues.

That is why those people who balance their lives with spiritual wisdom are bestowed with boons and blessings from the Supreme, thereby attaining the highest quality of life with total transformation and experience the joyful inner peace and happiness forever.

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