Ready to fight election again: BJP

BJP today made clear its reluctance to form government in Delhi saying it did not have the numbers and that it is ready to face elections.

Harsh Vardhan, BJP's chief ministerial candidate in the assembly polls, was today formally elected as the leader of the legislature party at the first meeting of 31 party MLAs and one SAD legislator at Delhi BJP office.

"It is a sad situation for us and residents of Delhi, but due to present technicalities, government cannot be formed with a fractured mandate. We don't have enough numbers to form a stable government and we are ready to fight the election once again, if such a situation arises," Vardhan told reporters after the meeting.

"We have emerged as the single largest party in assembly polls, but lack a few seats (for majority). We are neither eager nor even trying to form government by any immoral means.

"Whether we form the government or not, we will continue serving people. I today promise that residents of Delhi will not regret electing us as their representatives," added Vardhan.

Delhi BJP President Vijay Goel also reiterated the party's line.

"As we have not got majority, we have decided not to form government by any horse trading and any illegal means. In every election, hundreds of crores of rupees are spent. We would have been happy, had any party formed the government," said Goel.

Expressing confidence that BJP will be able to form government after a re-election, Goel said that the party was ready to sit in the opposition and also ready to face election.

"I am confident that like this time, we will once again emerge as number one party in the election and will get majority to form the government," said Goel, adding that the party is not seeking anyone's support. 

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