Long-surviving king

When Srikantadatta celebrated his 60th birthday on February 20 at Bangalore Palace, it was an eventful ceremony, not just because it was the royal ceremony, but because ‘Wadiyar joined the league of his rarest ancestors who had lived for long’.

The longest living king was Mummadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar who lived for 74 years and the earliest to die was Nanjaraja Wadiyar, at the age of eight.

Apart from Srikantadatta, only three of his ancestors completed 60 years. They were Raja Wadiyar (65), Hiriya Bettada Chamaraja Wadiyar and  Thimmaraja Wadiyar (both 61 years).
Five died between 50 and 60 years: Yaduraya, who founded Yaduvamsha, lived for 52 years, Hiriya Betta Chamaraja Wadiyar (51), Hiriya Chamaraja Wadiyar (50), Bola Chamaraja Wadiyar (58), Chikkadevaraja Wadiyar (59) and Nalwadi Krishnaraja Wadiyar (56).

Of the remaining, Bettada Chamaraja Wadiyar died at 17 years of age, Khasa Chamaraja Wadiyar (22 years), Chamaraja Wadiyar 10th at 31 years of age, Doddakrishnaraja Wadiyar and Chamaraja Wadiyar (30 years).

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