Asian recognition for Wipro's IP capability

Asian recognition for Wipro's IP capability

Indian IT bellwether Wipro Ltd has been selected as part of Asia's Intellectual Property (IP) Elite, a research project of the Intellectual Asset Management, the company said Friday.

"We have been recognised as one of 48 companies in Asia and one of two Indian organisations that have put IP at the heart of our corporate strategy," Wipro chief technology officer Anurag Srivastava said in a statement here.

The IP Business Congress Asia of the asset management, which addresses IP value creation, comprises decision-makers from major IP-owning firms, investors, aggregators, advisory and financial representatives.

"We will continue to drive momentum around IP in line with our customers' changing business environment to ensure they take advantage of any shift in their markets," Srivastava said.

The business congress focuses on how companies use IP to secure greater operational flexibility, drive revenues, enhance returns, increases shareholder value and leverage financial markets.

The research project also assessed how IP assets are being utilised and integrated into the global software major's business strategy.

"Although Indian firms are beginning to accept the importance of IP, Wipro is one of the two Indian companies that has been recognised as a leader in this space and can compete on an international scale," the asset management team said but did not name the second Indian firm which was also so recognised.

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