Communists vow to fight imperialism unitedly

Communists vow to fight imperialism unitedly

“Our children are always scared of some unknown terror, they do not even have a restful sleep and cry out loudly at night. Whatever sound they may hear, they mistake it as that of a hovering fighter aircraft ready for bombing or gunshot killing some innocent civilian,” Abu Salem told Deccan Herald.

A leader of the Palestinian Communist Party, Salem was here to participate in the 11th International meeting of the Communist and Workers’ Parties and when he met his colleague Faten Kamal Ghattas from the Communist Party of Israel at the conference, he asked him the same question.

“I told Ghattas that give us back our land and stop butchering our women and children in collusion with the imperialist Americans,” Salem said.
Ghattas could not have agreed more when he said: “Israel is a baby of the US, Tel Aviv is an American stooge. We oppose Israeli occupation and aggression in Palestine.”
Showing solidarity with his Palestinian comrades, most of whom have to work underground, the Israeli leader said his party had always opposed Zionism and Tel Aviv’s friendly relations with Washington. “We are against American intervention in the region,” he said.

Ask Salem whether he is happy with whatever solidarity the Israeli Communist Party has shown towards them and pat comes the answer, “yes we are. There are three Communist MPs in their Parliament and whenever they get an opportunity they speak out in our support. But they need to do more and there should be regular interaction between the two parties, which do not happen now because of travel restrictions.”
And that was precisely the Communist leaders across the world had sought to figure out here with a joint declaration of fighting imperialism in a united manner.
“We are Communists and even though we belong to different countries, some of which may not have friendly relations, we believe in socialism. You might bring in as many reforms you want, but you cannot have a zero-exploitation and zero-crisis capitalist system,” said Ghattas.
The main task of the Communists at present would be to help foster class unity and struggle in the face of the deepening capitalist crisis, he said.
“Our orientation should focus on first mobilising and winning today’s immediate struggles, but we should always have the perspective of building conditions for our class to mount a counter-offensive against the political and ideological edifice of capitalist relations, of winning state power and building socialism,” he said.
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