Dhruv, Sabeena top

Defending champions Dhruv Sarda and Sabeena Athica took pole positions in the men’s and women’s categories respectively ahead of the knock-out rounds in the 25th National tenpin bowling championship at Blu-O bowling alley here on Saturday.

Delhi’s Dhruv scored 215 pinfalls in the opening game of the round 3 and kept up the scorching pace all through the round to bowl scores of 181, 258, 238, 235, 177, 227 and 242 and finished the round with a total of 1773. He took his total overall tally to 6,683 pins and seal top spot.

Tamil Nadu’s Shabbir Dhankot, with a total pinfall of 6,535, finished second while Karnataka’s Akaash Ashok Kumar (6,303) and Girish Gaba (6,176) were third and fourth respectively. The four will compete in stepladder format with the final scheduled on Sunday.

Sabeena was comfortably ahead of the pack as she started round 2. She racked up a total of 1,512 pins with an average of 189, finishing with an overall tally of 3,465. Karnataka’s Pooja Hegde (3,465) and Judy Alban (3,388) finished second and third while Delhi’s Sugandha Sarda (3,362) claimed the final knock-out berth.

Just like the men, the women too compete in the stepladder to decide the champion.Results (knockout round qualifiers): Men: Dhruv Sarda (6,683 pins) 1; Shabir Dhankot (6,535) 2; Akaash Ashok Kumar (6,303) 3; Girish Gaba (6,176) 4.

Women: Sabeena Athica (3,835) 1; Pooja Hegde (3,465) 2; Judy Alban (3,388) 3; Sugandha Sarda (3,362) 4.

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