'Use literature to bring positive change'

'Use literature to bring positive change'

'Jana Nudi,' a two-day literary meet commences in Kalangann

'Use literature to bring positive change'

A good poetry will retain its subversive quality in it and will touch the common people, said Kuvempu University English department Professor Rajendra Chenni. 

Speaking at a two-day ‘Jana nudi,’ a literary meet organised by Abhimatha, Mangalore on Saturday, he said that poems can never become a luxury. It is important not for its aesthetic reason but for its ability to bring out the truth.

 Literature should be used as a tool to bring about positive change in society.When the poetry is subjected to certain preconditions, they lose touch with the common people and move away from them. 

Prof Chenni said “literature should not become a mere bystander of history. It should help people to break the barriers of silence. We need to follow  the path of Ambedkar in literature by expressing unexpressed feelings and violence.” 

“Inspite of listening to the hardship faced by the people during partition, many a time, we believe in fascism. Without learning a lesson from history, we still engage in violence. A national party had declared a person who was responsible for Gujarath riot as its Prime Ministerial candidate. This is nothing but a declaration of war against all oppressed group,” he observed. 

Farmer leader Kadidal Shamanna said that the farmers are only demanding scientific price for their produce. The government should provide cold storage facilities to farmers in every village to store their produce. 

Litterateur Sara Aboobakkar said that the government which funds religious institutions has failed to cater to the needs of Endosulfan victims in Dakshina Kannada district. Instead of spending money on marriages and temple fairs, it can construct an ashrama to cater to the needs of the Endosulfan affected children. In the recent years, literature has become a selling object. 

Karnataka Book Authority former chairman Prof S G Siddaramaiah said that literature that does not deal with the plight of the poor and realities will not serve the cause of humanity. Any plan to formulate cultural policy is a dangerous development. 

He said that one has to see how textbook contents changed when the power was in the hands of communal forces. “By not taking part in those practices that damage the self respect of an individual, one can overcome the traditions that aim at disrespecting humanity. There is a need to create awareness on superstition beliefs in the society,” he added. 

Lakshminarayana Nagavara, Writer Dr H S Anupama were present.