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Congested, narrow roads creating headaches in JP Nagar 

Kalyani Magnum Tech Park is located  in 7th Phase, JP Nagar. The road on which the Park is located, connects Venkatadri Layout and Dollars Layout. The road is too narrow — with a width of about 40 feet. The Tech Park has about eight IT companies employing more than 500 people.

Volvo buses, cabs and other vehicles ply on this narrow road to ferry the employees of IT Park. Two schools are located in the area and the school buses too take the same  road. Hence the road is always congested creating difficulty for the residents. Now, to more commercial complex are coming up on the stretch, which would obviously aggravate the traffic problem. It is surprising that the BBMP and other competent authorities have allowed construction of huge commercial space, fully knowing that the locality is a residential area with narrow approach road. It appears that the authorities are not discharging their duties effectively.

Uday Shashidhar

Stray dog menace in ITI Layout

Stray dog menace has become rampant in ITI Layout on Outer Ring Road. A pack of stray dogs create havoc on 80 feet ring road where the ITI Layout bus terminal is situated. Motorcyclists are the worst affected as the dogs chase them and bite the riders sometimes. To compound the problem, the streetlights are put off as early as 5.25 in the morning and senior citizens find it difficult to walk on the road. The authorities concerned should take steps to end stray dog menace and the Bescom is requested to keep the lights from 6 pm to 6 am.

S Vynatheya

Ply direct City buses

The BMTC authorities are requested to ply buses from Sahakarnagar to City Market, Vijayanagar, Koramangala, Bannerghatta Road and Whitefield with limited stops. At present, the residents have to change two/three buses to reach their destinations. Direct city buses would also help in eliminating the menace of auto drivers, who fleece the passengers at their will. 

B L Jalaja, Sahakaranagara

Expedite work on sanitary line

The work on laying sanitary line in Bharat Nagar, BEL Layout, I Phase Main Road has been going on for the last eight months. 

The chamber constructed in the cross road is yet to be connected to the main line.

 The pipes are laid 7.5m (approx 25 feet) below the ground which may affect the foundation of the buildings on either side of the road. Vacant sites have turned into dumps for construction material. The roads are also damaged badly. Requests made to the BBMP/BWSSB authorities have fallen on deaf ears. It will be good if the authorities take immediate steps to complete the work at the earliest.

Shreyas K R, Bharat Nagar, BEL Layout,

Traffic diversion creating problems

The first main road in first block of Koramangala has been closed for traffic from Sarjapur Road. Due to this, all traffic is diverted to a small lane towards Jakkasandra Extension. The residents of Jakkasandra are finding it very difficult with the huge traffic plying right in front of their houses. The first main road is broader and can bear this congestion. 

Premila Jones

Ply direct buses to Shivajinagar
There is no bus service to Shivajingar from Devansandra, ITI Layout, AGs Layout and CPRI. Residents here have to catch two or three buses to go to Shivajinagar. It has become very hard for citizens of this area to go to Shivajinagar. The authorities concerned are asked to introduce buses from Devasandra to Shivajinagar or divert buses passing through Mathikere.

KanthiK S, ITI Layout

Shift bus stop

A bus stop is located opposite the Indian Oil petrol bunk in Rajarajeshwarinagar. It will be better if it is shifted to diagonally opposite corner. Now, the traffic has increased from all the directions at the intersection. Most of the time there will be number of buses coming to stop which would block the free flow of traffic.

Vijaya Prakash

Vehicles parked on footpath

Two-wheelers and cars are parked on footpath and also on the road near Seshadripuram bus stop. The situation is worse at Swastik Circle. The Trinity Hotel nearby has converted the footpath into a parking lot. Pedestrians cannot walk on pavements  here. The traffic police/Hoysala staff ignore the vehicles parked on footpaths. Will the authorities concerned look into the problem? Thousands of students use this busy road.

An affected senior citizen 

Prevent movement of heavy vehicles

Everyday more than 50 trucks ply on Bharath Nagar, BEL Layout, I Phase Main Road (East West Institute of Technology Main Road) transporting soil, bricks, cement and construction material. 

   The stretch connects Nice Road and Ring Road. Continuous movement of heavy vehicles has been causing noise and air pollution for the past one year. 

The road has also been damaged badly. The local residents and shopkeepers spray water on the road to prevent the cloud of dust arising due to movement of vehicles. But this has worsened the situation. 

  The authorities concerned are requested to inspect the road and initiate suitable measures.

Rohit Katti, Bharat Nagar, BEL Layout, Magadi Road

Restore GM Palya Road

The GM Palya Main Road, which has high traffic density, is in a poor state. The condition worsened when the BWSSB dug up the road. The uncleared garbage attracts cows and buffaloes, further compounding the motorists’ woes. 

Sadly, the spot is hardly 500 metre away from the house of the local corporator.

 Arvind Kumar

Regulate traffic flow

The junction in front of Prarthana School on Uttarahalli Main Road leading towards Gowdanapalya witnesses heavy traffic, particularly during peak hours. Though there is “No Free Right” signal clearly displayed, people are simply ignore and rush towards Gowdanapalya Road. Occasionally these lawbrakers are caught by traffic cops. Some immediate action is required to avoid such violation and to manage  smooth flow of the traffic .

Ashwini Subban, Chikkalasandra.

Fill potholes on Ring Road

Both sides of Outer Ring Road near Dr Rajkumar’s memorial have umpteen number of potholes which need to be filled at the earliest. The pothole-ridden stretch has been hampering smooth movement of vehicles.

Janardhana Reddy

Sewage flowing on road

The road through underbridge near cantonment railway station is turning into a stinking sewage. The problem is persisting for the eight days and the BBMP authorities have turned a blind eye till now. The authorities concerned should immediately look into the problem.

Syed Shoib

Vehicles parked on pavement

The footpath near the Jayadeva flyover on the ring road of BTM II stage, is all the time occupied with either the furniture or steel. Though parking is not allowed the pavement, vehicles, particularly, a tempo, will always be there. This causes inconvenience to the pedestrians who cannot walk on the road with vehicles moving at high speed. Traffic police seem to be turning blind eye to this problem, even after complaints.

Shantaram N V

Water going down drains

Drinking water is going gown the drains from BWSSB pipe line in Subbayyana Palya, MS Nagar. Repeated complaints to the Kasturinagar BWSSB office, personal visits and emails, have been of no use at all. Attempts by the residents to plug the leakage failed due to high pressure of the water. The BWSSB is requested to join hands to save water.

Ravi E, 7th Cross Subbayyanapalya, M S Nagar 

Civic problems galore in Akshay Nagar

The residents of 10th Cross, Akshay Nagar in Chandraiah Layout near Ramamurthy Nagar, have been facing a lot of civic problems. The Palike ward office in Ramamurthy Nagar has failed to replace a streetlight in spite of frequent complaints for the past three months. As a result, the residents are compelled to walk in the dark, putting their safety at risk. Shrubs and weeds are cut and dumped into the drainage blocking flow of sewage. The staff concerned were reluctant to clear it. It is unfortunate that the civic agency has not been able to address the problems in spite of repeated complaints.

K B Sasiprasad, Muralidharan Nair, Nagaraj, Laxmi Narayan, Akshay Nagar

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