Get set to meet the pets


Animal lovers have often rued that the City does not have a pet show of its own. But now, there is some good news for them as Bangalore will have its first pet show, the ‘Bangalore Pet Show 2014’, which will be held on January 11 at the Jayamahal Palace Hotel Grounds from 8 am to 7 pm.

The show is being hosted by ‘Blue and White’, an event management company.

More than 10,000 participants are expected to be a part of the show, which will include dogs, exotic birds, fish and cats to name a few. The focus will be on creating an awareness regarding adoption and how to take better care of pets.

Satya Narayan, the event director, explains that this is an endeavour to encourage more people to come out with their pets. “We have a separate space for citizens who own pets and visitors are free to ask them questions on the grooming of pets. We will also have vets and pet groomers who can give more inputs and information on how to take care of their pets, especially pregnant ones. As the climate of the City is great, we have a sizeable number of pets here and this is a great platform to know more about them,” he explains.

The BBMP snake volunteers have also been invited for the event, which will have a show by the police dogs and a small competition for the pets as well. “Though the competition is not our prime focus, we have planned to organise a small competition for the pets, which will be a lot of fun and have categories like the most popular pet.

We will also hold a quiz competition for children and they are most welcome to participate in the show. Interested people can get in touch with us through our website at and register with us. There is a minimum registration fee. However, we are trying to make the registration of children below the age of ten free of cost,” he adds.

Director Kavitha Lankesh, who is a part of the pet show, says that she has always loved animals and it was her nine-year-old daughter who egged her to be a part of the show. “My daughter and I love animals. I have always been fascinated by them and have quite a few of them at home and my farm,” she notes.

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