Yes, we can!

The “Beer Can House,” in Houston Texas, is exactly what its name suggests. It is a Houston landmark, which sits between newer homes.

The creator of this unique home covered the outside of the house with siding made of cut and flattened beer cans and garlands made of the lids.

On hearing about this, most experts thought it would be “some junky old novelty that tourists flocked to.” However, on seeing it, they discovered that it was “actually a cool piece of folk art with some great stories behind it.”

John Milkovisch, a retired upholsterer for the Southern Pacific Railroad, started this project in 1968 when he began inlaying thousands of marbles, rocks, and metal pieces into concrete and redwood to form unique landscaping features. Soon the entire front and backyard were completely covered because he “got sick of mowing the grass.”

The effect was so startling that he turned to the house itself and began adding aluminum siding – aluminum beer can siding, to be precise.

Over the next 18 years the house disappeared under a cover of flattened beer cans for both practical and decorative reasons.

Garlands made of cut beer cans hanging from the roof edges not only made the house sing in the wind, but also lowered the family's energy bills. It was soon evident that this house was way ahead of its time in being “Green” Ripley's Believe It or Not estimated that over 50,000 Beer Cans adorn this monument to recycling.

John considered his work an enjoyable pastime rather than a work of art, but he did enjoy people's reaction to his creations.

He once said, "It tickles me to watch people screech to a halt. They get embarrassed. Sometimes they drive around the block a couple of times. Later they come back with a car-load of friends..."

The house and landscape are adorned with many different types of beer that John, himself, drank (though his neighbours and his wife, Mary, were always glad to lend a hand!). Did he prefer one brand to the next? His favorite beer was always "Whatever's on special".

Thus one could well call this House a “Special” House!

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