Innovation, grafting helps NR Pura farmer taste success

Innovation, grafting helps NR Pura farmer taste success

Innovation, grafting helps NR Pura farmer taste success

At a time when youth from Malnad have been migrating to cities in search of livelihood, here is a JOC (job orientation course) graduate, who has seen success in farming. 

Dinesh, a resident of Balehonnur had obtained JOC in horticulture. He was looking after a gas sub agency in Balehonnur till recently. It was his father Vittal Rao who had keen interest in farming, purchased land at Hiluvalli in Halemandagadde Circle. After the death of his father, he started concentrating on farming through various innovations. He raised grafted plants and started getting better yield in his field.

There are 60 to 70 varieties of jackfruit trees in his land. Some of them are ‘Thubugere,’  ‘Talavane,’ ‘Ramachandra,’ ‘Dharmasthala.’ There are grafted ‘Appi midi mango’ trees on his land. In fact, his father had grafted an Appe Midi tree which was grown during the British reign at Muduguni and named it after his grandfather Srinivas Appemidi. 

A variety from Ankola was brought here and was grafted to create N R Pura Mavu. A NR Pura Mango weighs seven kgs. “Growing Appemidi is a profitable venture. If one takes care of the plant for one to 18 months, then one can get 8,000 tender mangoes from one tree.” 

He has grafted ‘chakotha’ and lemon plant and the new grafted lemon plant does not get infected with diseases. Innovation in cultivation pattern was the secret behind his success. He has also grafted ‘hebbu halasu’ and breadfruit, ‘Kodane’ and ‘Gulla badane’ (brinjal). It is a known fact that apple is not grown in Malnad. However, he has tried his luck by grafting and the tree has flowered. 

He has saplings of bamboo, Ashoka, Noni, 25 to 30 varieties of hybiscus, 10 to 15 varities of roses. With arecanut and coconut infected with diseases, there are ample opprtunities for floriculture. He is also successful in growing budding roses. 

He rears a mixed breed of cattle which provides him 10 to 15 litres of milk daily. “I give preference to organic farming. I have vermi compost unit and a biodigester. It was my father who inculcated interset in agriculture in me. I am ready to impart training in grafting to those who have keen interest in it,” he said. Instead of earning Rs 4,000 to Rs 5,000 per month in cities, it would be better if youth engage themselves in agriculture activities, he opines.