Weight and watch...

Weight and watch...


Weight and watch...

With cakes and a lot of mouth-watering goodies doing the rounds at one’s home and workplace, gaining holiday weight is normal. Bangaloreans share their experience on how to handle holiday weight without landing in trouble.

Most people become lenient during the holiday season and work on their weight afterwards.

   “Vacation is a chance for one to relax and indulge in all the rich and high calorie food. This is more so in winters when all one wants to do is wrap himself/herself in a blanket, eat hot yummy food and indulge in a nice cup of coffee. I’m lucky to have a high metabolic rate. So I don’t really care about holiday weight,” says Anam Pasha, a BBM student. She adds that if she does end up gaining weight, she works out intensely after the vacations to lose it.

There are others who feel that it’s best to communicate your dieting plans to friends and family so that they can keep you away from any kind of temptation. “My weak points during this season are rose cookies, plum cakes and homemade wine, which are high on calories. This time, I have decided that whenever I go to a party, I will not eat more than two or three slices of cake,” says Darshan, a professional. He adds that deviating one’s mind off food is the best way out.

“I would rather dance at social events than indulge myself in high calorie food. And I have told my friends not to force me to eat as I don’t want to gain weight,” he

Waheeda Anjum, a student of SJR Degree College, feel the best way to handle overeating is to have a light and healthy snack before heading out to a party or gathering. “One should try and have a soup or salad before leaving home. Else you tend to eat a lot when you get hungry, without thinking of the consequences,” says

She adds that simple techniques like walking and eating a balanced diet throughout the day, will also help one keep a watch over the calorie content.

Regular exercise and routine are a must, says Dr Shalini from Fortis Hospitals. “When you are at a party, try to fill yourself up with healthy and good food — roasted, boiled or stewed. This way, you don’t gorge on high calorie portions.”

She adds that people should try and get involved in physical activities as this will boost their mind too.

Dr Priyanka Rohatgi, chief nutritionist with Apollo Hospitals, says that during the holiday season, one doesn’t follow a strict pattern when it comes to sleeping.

“Too much sleep or lack of it can lead to holiday weight. While eating high calorie food, people should make sure that they consume those items during the day rather than in the evening or later. Also, while you are  planning a vacation, make sure you include more adventurous activities instead of planning a relaxed outing,” she lists out.

She also adds that a mere slice of cake and two cookies have almost 500 calories. Hence, people should keep a watch over what they eat.