Bitten by publicity

How would the dog recognise the corrupt minister?

The superintendent of police was very happy.

At last his force had been sanctioned a ‘dog squad’ like others and he could proudly announce to the citizens that with the help of dogs many serious crimes in the district would be detected. He called his subordinates for a meeting to discuss how to make this a big media event.

The Inspector in charge of the dog squad informed that the police headquarters has allotted three dogs, Kamla, Vimla, and Sindhu, all German Shepherds, and that  since the dogs have already arrived,  kennels have also been constructed in the police lines. He added that while Kamla and Vimla were procured as pups and trained, Sindhu, which is three year old, came on transfer from another district. The deputy SP suggested that since the minister in-charge of the district was visiting the town the next week, it would be appropriate if the minister dedicates the services of the dog squad to the public. This suggestion was unanimously  welcomed and the meeting discussed how to make the function impressive and get appreciation from the minister. Every detail was minutely chalked out.

Invitations for the function were sent to all prominent citizens. The DGP had agreed to visit the district and preside over the function. On the D-Day, the minister arrived at the parade ground on time. He was received by the DGP and taken to the saluting base. A big police contingent marched past and the dogs in their colourful uniforms were the cynosure of all eyes. After the march past, the dog handlers brought the dogs to the centre of the ground and made them perform various tasks like sitting, kneeling, saluting, marching, barking etc.

Later the dogs displayed how they detect criminals by the very scent of the item left at the scene of offence. In fact a policeman was made to keep his handkerchief on the ground, and a dog after taking the scent came smelling the ground and finally caught the arm of the constable. The entire audience loudly clapped and appreciated. After this, the dogs showed how they guard prisoners and how they obey the commands of only their handlers and none else.

The minister was thoroughly impressed by this display, and after the parade was over expressed his desire to go near the dogs and pat them to show his appreciation. The SP signalled to the dog squad inspector. The three dogs were made to stand in line. The minister walked towards them. The first two dogs ‘shook hands’ with the minister. When he went near the third dog, it suddenly jumped on the minister and held his right arm firmly. Everyone was aghast. With great difficulty, the dog handler got the minister released from the dog’s clutches. The SP and the DGP rushed the bleeding minister to the Hospital. After the first aid and the mandatory injections the minister left the district in a huff to the state headquarters.

The SP was very much worried. He summoned the inspector of the dog squad and sought an explanation. The inspector said “Sir, Sindhu comes from the district which is home to the honourable minister. How should I know that she would recognise the minister even after all cases against him were acquitted in the courts?” The SP was speechless.

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