Indian look with western cuts

Every piece of garment at Peter England store has a story to tell. The design team says it works towards creating concepts rather than just make and market a product. Its idea is to sell concepts rather than just another piece of garment.

Care is taken to understand the changing trends through regular market research.
The design team observes that fashion is changing at a frenetic pace and it works almost a year in advance to make sure it doesn’t lag behind in offering the customers the best in men’s wear.

Nidhi Raj, creative director, Design and VM Peter England, Madura F&L, says that the latest collection reflects innovative patterns and gets creative on the colour, cut and design. “The latest line is inspired by the Mughal era. We have tried to weave in motifs to collide with the pop culture of the young. The garments have an Indian look with western cuts,” Nidhi explains.

The design team works on about 3,500 designs a year and after a scrutiny, only about 1000 hit the market. The target groups are those aged between 20 and 35 years. “This group inspires us to work in advance. We interact with a lot of people and this interaction gives us an insight into what changes occur in the market and what people want. We understand that people look for concepts and garments that reflect ideas,” he shares. Nidhi thinks people are extremely concious about what they wear for an occasion. “For instance, ‘Shurta’, a cross between a shirt and kurta is made from soft material. It is western in cuts but Indian in appeal,” he adds.

Ask Nidhi what’s in vogue and he confesses that he still hasn’t found the right answer. But he has his way of defining fashion. “Being fashionable is to wear something that’s not only comfortable but leaves you feeling confident. It must also give you that edgy look,” he reasons.  Nidhi also feels men must play around with accessories which form an important part of dressing up. “Today, men have at least ten pairs of shoes and wrist bands too have become an indispensable part of an attire. It is always better to accessorise in a generic way,” Nidhi sums up.  

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