A step towards creating something different

A step towards creating something different

Rebounding on the silver screen after three years following the flop Jashnn: The Music Within, Adhyayan Suman makes a comeback as the protagonist in Shekhar Suman’s directorial debut Heartless. Safely swimming through troubled waters over the film’s music release, a much-relieved Adhyayan speaks to Metrolife about the online release of the film’s first song Mashukana.

“It was mentally frustrating and unfair to go through this ordeal of getting the songs re-dubbed,” says the actor, anxiously awaiting the film’s release. “Over the past three years, we have put in our soul in making this film; we are blessed to reach this stage within a stipulated budget.” The actor says, “I had been missing in action for the last three years, so I had to come back with something very substantial. My part in this movie didn’t just end with acting out my role; I tried to be a part of the entire production process, be it costume or music.” 

Pinning his hopes on the film’s success, he says, “Though my last film Jashnn didn’t do well on the box office, I was not criticised for my role. In these three years, I have been seeking answers to some unanswered questions in my mind.  Going through a failure in life, I have come to understand how this industry functions when you are not doing well.” Reflecting over those times, he confidently adds, “Heartless is our small step towards creating something different.” 

The film draws its inspiration from Aayush’s (Shekhar’s elder son) life who succumbed to a congenital heart disease. Elaborating upon the concept, the younger Suman says, “Three years ago, showing me clips from Awake, the film  that we took the core idea of 'Anaesthesia awareness' (a condition where a patient cannot move his body, but can hear and understand all that's happening around him) from, my father told me he wanted to dedicate a film to Aayush’s life. It was an emotional process for all of us in the family, but the story is not the same as that of my brother’s life. It’s very different.” 

For portraying a heart-warming bonding, Deepti Naval was cast as Adhyayan’s mother in the movie. Calling the experience of working with the veteran actress phenomenal, he says, “Acting is about action and reaction. If people like my work in this movie, the credit also goes to the way she performed.” 

About his plans of debuting on TV where his father has been a very big star, he candidly says, “Why not, but my priority is cinema.”

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