Arrest perpetrators of violence: Gowda

Former PM visits desecrated place of worship

Former prime minister H D Deve Gowda has urged the authorities to arrest the culprits who were responsible for placing a carcass of an animal at the entrance of a place worship, resulting in communal flare-up in Chikmagalur.

Speaking to mediapersons after visiting a place of worship at Shareef Street, he said that the BJP and the Congress are responsible for communal clash. “Communal flare-up is a common feature when the BJP and the Congress come to power in the State. Both the parties try to make use of the situation for political gain. I will fight against the BJP and the Congress till my last breath,” he said.

“The Chikmagalur incident could have been prevented had the State government taken precautionary measures. The government should bear the responsibility for the incident and take steps to crack down on the perpetrators of violence”, Gowda said.

When Muslim community members were allowed to take out a peaceful march condemning the incident, why the district administration allowed Bajrang Dal to take out a procession? he asked.

“The police had targeted members of Muslim community while resorting to lathi-charge.  Innocents were injured in the lathi-charge,” he said. He asked as why no Hindu was hurt in the lathi-charge. “Home inister should have paid a courtesy visit to the district. The State government is inactive,” he said.

Gowda said “I have not come here to provoke anyone. I am the representative of the district. No government should give scope for communal violence.”

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