'I want to make people laugh'

'I want to make people laugh'

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'I want to make people laugh'

The EmCee, Master of Comedies that is, can never, ever be bottled. Priyadarshan's laugh riot is now all set to continue with De Dana Dan, which will hit the screens this Friday. And the master promises that he has cooked something different out of his usual ingredients.

Well Priyadarshan, aka Priyan, has teamed up his favourite three again: Akshay Kumar, Paresh and Suniel Shetty. The girls, Katrina Kaif, Sameera Reddy and Neha Dupia are new but they are sure to spice up the proceedings. De Dana Dan is a crime thriller. There are a lot of changes from Hera Pheri. It’s a whole new soul and body," Priyan does not forget to say.

The movie is woven around a certain crime that took place. Two innocent people get unknowingly sucked into the turn of events. “It’s two people’s struggle to wriggle out of the confusion they have landed themselves in,” Priyan told Metrolife.

De Dana Dan has been shot in Singapore. There are a host of Priyan's mise en scenes as well. Priyadarshan recalls a scene where a hotel tank explodes and people get washed off. “For this scene we have used more than 8,000 tonnes of water. People did accuse me of wasting water at a time when there’s isn’t enough water for people to drink,” he observes.

Unmindful of the criticism he receives, Priyan says he will continue to make films on themes that excite him, “Whoever thought that Kanchivaram would win me a national award? Nothing was more satisfying than that. That was an original script, written with all sincerity,” he says and adds, “no Hollywood film, with all its latest techniques can match the entertainment Indian movies

Priyan says that he never aims to make a particular film or a theme; cinema comes very naturally to him. “I never take my work too seriously. I work straight from my heart and don’t look back after that. I just want to make people laugh for three hours. Meaningful and sensible films get acceptance today,” he signs off.