Sleep well to keep well

Sleep well  to keep well

Sleep is the best form of relaxation, close to meditation. That’s why those who sleep well always keep well and feel well.

However, in today’s world, getting a sound sleep has become rare, because today millions of people suffer from disorders like sleep apnea, insomnia, restless leg syndrome, narcolepsy, etc. Sadly, many of these individuals resort to sleeping pills and drugs, which ultimately make the problem worse.

Sleep is considered to be the greatest remedy to overcome tiredness. Healthful soothing slumber that reactivates the muscles, nerves and brain cells is one of nature’s greatest rejuvenators. Therefore, it is absolutely essential to life like air, water and food.

Medical science has acknowledged several causes that lead to sleep disorders. The biggest hindrance of all that contributes to sleeplessness is bad mental health, which is caused by repeated suppression of voice of one’s conscience, thereby resulting in negative personality traits and insomnia.

Another important factor that affects our sleep is the food we eat. It’s a medically proven fact that mental ill health adversely affects one’s eating habits, which in turn, drastically influences our sleep and health.

For instance, those who have several cups of tea, coffee and colas, take lots of caffeine which contributes to their inability to sleep. Under such a condition, proper meditation technique can be of great help if practised regularly.

There have been a lot of deliberations and debates over the hours of sleep that one should ideally have. After all, how much sleep does one need? Under the best of conditions in terms of sleep, fresh air, water, food, physical work or exercise and positive influences, one would stay asleep as long as one’s system needs them to; then they will wake up automatically. Hence there is really no such thing as oversleeping.

However, there is certainly a phenomenon as undersleeping, because for some reason or the other, our sleep does get sacrificed in pursuing other pleasures of life. But in this whole hustle and bustle, we tend to forget that it is the quality of life which matters the most and not the quantity.

Hence, if we jeopardise our sleep for silly reasons, we are knowingly undermining our health.

So, it’s better to be wise for our own health benefit and make a habit to meditate daily before going to bed to disengage the mind from thoughts to give it sleep-inducing relaxation.

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