'Police ready to tackle terror bid'

'Police ready to tackle terror bid'

Remembering 26/11: Security beefed up

'Police ready to tackle terror bid'

In a press release, he said that a battalion of the Commando Force of the Indian Army had been stationed at the city which would assist the police during times of emergency. Also, another Commando Force drawn from the City Armed Reserve (CAR) and consisting of 200 personnel, was in the process of being established.

About the chronic problem that the police lack good equipment to deal with a catastrophe, he pointed out that heavy weapons like AK-47 and Self Loading Rifles (SLRs) had been procured in large numbers. Similarly, bullet proof jackets and helmets have also been acquired, he adds.

The police are at pains to beef up security at vital installations like airport, railway stations, bus stands, offices of large IT companies and Government Departments. For ensuring fool-proof security at vital installations, the police hold frequent meetings with their security heads and both the parties exchange information.
Moreover, the police also provide necessary guidance to them for improving security arrangements, Bidari adds.

Public cooperation sought

The police also seek cooperation from the public and the private security organisations to make certain that another 26/11 is not repeated anywhere in the country.
The Intelligence Department has been prepared to keep an eye on those having links with terrorists and suspected persons.

The police are collected details of suspicious persons. The police are constantly in touch with their counter parts in neighbouring states. The state police are in good rapport with central and other agencies and are providing vital information about terrorists.
The government has set up internal security department which coKmprises anti-terrorist, anti-naxal and coal protection force.