Ajmal Kasab 'hanged' in Allahabad

Ajmal Kasab 'hanged' in Allahabad

A sand sculpture of Kasab with noose around its neck prepared by a local artist was hanged on the bank of the Ganges before hundreds of people amidst shouting of slogans on Wednesday evening.

“The presence of such a large number of people was reflective of the peoples’ wish. They want to see Kasab hanged for his crimes”, the artist Raj Kapoor told reporters at Allahabad.

Raj Kapoor had also made sand sculpture of three senior police personnel killed in the Mumbai terror attacks, including the then Mumbai ATS chief Hemant Karkare.

People also paid tributes to the sacrifices made by the security personnel while thwarting the nefarious designs of the terrorists.

A number of people performed rituals as per Vedic traditions along the banks of the Ganga for the peace of the departed souls.