Work it out, the fun way

Work it out, the fun way

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Work it out, the fun way

A fitness workout need not be a routine and monotonous thing. With so many fitness centres coming up with highly innovative workout charts these days, hitting the gym is probably the most fun thing you could do, says Neeraj Mehta


To canter the race of highly competitive world, “fit ‘n’ fine” is the buzzword. Professionals, academician, students, and models alike are all into it these days.

With everybody being fitness conscious, work-out sessions too are getting more and more professional, but most importantly, more and more fun. Normal way of exercising like walking on treadmill and ordinary gymming becomes very monotonous. Soon, the person feels demotivated and out goes their workout session! No wonder then that several innovative workout styles are cropping up. Most of these not just help with fitness, but also with destressing the mind and body alike, and also in toning. Some of these workouts break the monotony of a routine one and ensure that you sweat it out and stay motivated for longer.  

Run ‘n’ Fun 

As the name suggests this form of workout trend is a complete fun with fitness workout. Run ‘n’ Fun is lot of running with variations in speed, some obstacles include, like animal walk, duck walk, wall climbing, crawling, coordinated dance steps, long or high jumps. Advantage of Run ‘n’ Fun workout is that it can be done indoor and outdoor, however you like it. It is all about keeping things interesting and challenging. It incorporates all the components of fitness like endurance, speed, strength, agility, and flexibility. 

Fitness Fusion 

Fitness Fusion workout can target a variety of things like core strength, muscular strength, body balance, speed, agility, endurance and more. It is a combination of various activities like Yoga, Extreme Body Stretch, Pilates, Spinning, Circuit Training, Boot Camp, Zumba, Body Weight Training, High Intensity Cardio, Kick-Boxing, Run ‘n’ Fun, Step/floor Aerobics and Anaerobics. Once you combine so many different activities to your workout, you just can’t get bored. This way one can challenge their muscles in different ways while still having fun. 

Hit ‘n’ Fit 

Hit ‘n’ Fit workout is an effective way to be fit with lots of challenges. Anyone can do it with slight modifications. It is a fitness program that combines a wide variety of weight/resistance training and functional movements into a timed or scored workout. It includes push-ups, pull-ups, squats, weightlifting, high-jumps, gymnastics, running, rowing, and a lot of other such movements.

Dance Fusion 

Different dance packed in one workout session now becoming the latest trend. Zumba, Aerobic Bhangra, Doonya, and MyGroov. Aerobic Bhangra includes typical Punjabi Bhangra steps, while Zumba involves a mix of hip-hop, samba, salsa, and martial arts, Doonya is an intense dance workout involving freestyle and Bollywood moves, and MyGroov is a hip-hop inspired workout. Once you combine so many different styles of dancing to your workout, you start enjoying it a lot. This way you can easily increase your fitness level. It provides fast and effective workout across all age groups. Dancing is always fun and interesting for people of all ages and levels.

Walk ‘n’ Talk

Walk ‘n’ Talk is a form of boot camp workout. This is a workout with lot of group coordination and open-air functional activities. Walk n Talk is the one workout which is now a common form of fun and exercise among groups. It includes lot of rhythmic sounds to boost each other, and also give competition, in two or more groups or even individuals. As a result, it is quite popular in corporate outings.


Pilates is a body conditioning routine that help in building flexibility, endurance in the legs, abdominals, hips, muscle strength, arms and back. It highlights breathing, spinal strengthening, developing a strong core or centre, improving coordination, balance and pelvic alignment. Pilates' system allows for diverse workout to be modified. Intensity can be increased over time as the body conditions and adapts to the exercises. This is very popular among ladies who are looking to shed some fat off their lower body.

Power Yoga

People are generally under the impression that yoga is a slow and boring process. But Power Yoga, as its name suggests, is powerful in terms of giving required strength and flexibility. Power yoga is a way of coping with anxiety and modern age lifestyle diseases. It is therapeutic and keeps your mind and body relaxed. Power yoga consists of 12 workout with specific breathing pattern. It’s a combination of functional and flexibility training, with an emphasis on stretching and meditation. It is perhaps the best way to soothe nerves in this fast-paced world. 

(The writer is a fitness trainer)

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