CM wants cops under city govt

 After the Union Home Ministry denied taking any action on policemen whom Arvind Kejriwal and his cabinet ministers have accused of showing laxity in their duties, the CM demanded the state government’s control of the police.

Kejriwal, who sat on protests at 12 noon, termed the police corrupt and accused them for working as a money collection company for Home Minister Shushil Kumar Shinde.
He had left for the Home Minister’s office at 11.15 am in his blue WagonR car but due to Republic Day’s celebration the roads were blocked.

He waited till 12 noon till the end of the parade, but when he was not allowed to go ahead he decided to protest from a park near Rail Bhawan.

At 12.15 pm he started his speech with the help of a portable mike and speaker and said, “The Delhi Police has become a collection company for Home Minister. The Police extort money from common people and transfer it to the pockets of Home Minister.”

He also blamed the police for failing in women’s safety and justified his protest.  
“Most of the Delhi’s women do not feel safe; it is because the police is not working. The police have failed to restore confidence in women after the December 16 gang rape. I am not just demanding action on those police officials who were found not performing their duties; I am here for a change. Each and every one of us knows what police does. Why there is no accountability in the police,” he said.

If any rape or any crime occurs, the beat constable, SHO, ACP or DCP or somebody from the police has to accountable for lax security. They shall be held responsible for the crime and action should be taken against them, he added.

On whether he will disturb the Republic Day parade, he said, “How can there be celebrations on Republic Day when women are being burnt and prostitution is thriving?”
Education Minister Manish Sisodia elaborated the meaning and importance of the constitution of India in a different way when some reporters asked about their action, which is defying their oath to constitution.

“You are saying that I have defied the oath of constitution which I have taken. But it is my duty to stand for common people who are not getting what constitution is supposed to give them. The constitution has given them an assurance of living safely, does it fulfils? The constitution has assured them for a healthy life, does it fulfils? If a common citizen who is the backbone of this country suffers from the inaction of government machinery and then they claim we are defying constitution,” he said.

While justifying his act of staging protest against the centre, Sisodia also targeted the former Sheila Dikshit government.

“If the police are not listening to the common people and not able to prevent crime, we have to stand for the common people. It is not a matter of pride or defending any minister’s act. Why don’t the media and the centre understand that the issues which we are raising are not new. The issue of Khirki extension’s drug and prostitution gang is six months old and when, after repeated complaints, police failed to take action, people approached the minister. In the case of burning of women, police could have saved her by taking action in time,” he said.

Law Minister Somnath Bharti, who conducted a raid with policemen over an alleged drug and prostitution racket, said police were allowing drug trafficking and prostitution rackets to operate.

“There is no illegal business in the city that is hidden from police,” he said.

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