Impressed by the colour and culture

Impressed by the  colour and culture

Asizeable number of people among the audience at most fashion shows in the City are foreigners, who have either temporarily relocated to Bangalore for work or are tourists.

They never miss a chance to soak into every aspect of the City’s culture. A few foreigners at the ‘Blenders Pride Bangalore Fashion Week’ talked to Metrolife about what they like about the fashion in India.

Indian fashion on the ramp and streets has always fascinated them and fashion shows satisfy their craving for anything Indian. They say that the burst of colours and creativity on the ramp is unique to India and the Indian models are among the best in the world. 

William Tang from the United States of America is on a three-week business tour here. He heard about the fashion show and wanted to know why it attracted so many people. “Fashion shows back home are a boring affair. Indian fashion shows are quite colourful and the models are attractive too,” says William. 

Vanesa, a nurse from Spain, who is on a vacation in the City, feels the clothes on the ramp are extremely wearable. “I would really like to wear some of the clothes I saw at the show. Even the hairdos were simple and practical with no extra fittings. Indian models have well-toned bodies unlike those in our country,” notes Vanesa. 

Phil, an engineer from London, decided to spend the evening with his friends at the fashion show. “You not only get to see some beautiful women on and off the ramp but men get to know what’s in fashion too,” says Phil, who also points out that men in India are just as fashionable as women. 

Juan from Venezuela was floored by the work on the garments. “There are so many stones knit into the garment. Indian clothes, especially the sari, is attractive and something we don’t get back home. For us, fashion is a serious business and people are conscious about what they wear,” he shares. 

Terri Schwandt has accompanied her husband Jeff Schwandt, who is here on work. The American couple think Indians have a loud sense of dressing unlike foreigners who like to keep things subtle. “The geometric designs and strappy cuts are refreshing and edgy. Indians play around with colour rather well. This is something we miss in our country,” adds Terri. Jeff adds, “The designers are respectful to the fabrics which reflect in their designs.”

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