Kannada Sene activists oppose dubbing

Kannada Sene activists staged a protest opposing the dubbing of other language movies to Kannada, in Chikmagalur city on Monday.

The protesters who carried out a procession, warned of intensifying the fight if the ‘dubbing conspiracy’ is not dropped and submitted a petition. Leading the protest Kannada Sene District President P C Rajegowda said that the artistes, industry labourers and all those who are the part of Kannada film industry should unitedly fight against dubbing.

Kannadigas are against the dubbing of other language films to Kannada and it is the responsibility of the government to intervene and take steps to prevent anti-Kannada activities.

Talent of an artiste whose language is imitated can temporarily attract the goodwill of audience, but it will not win the love and affection. The only motive behind dubbing is to make huge profit.

 Some of the litterateurs, cinema producers, directors and distributors who have supported dubbing should withdraw their support and join their hands to save Kannada language, land and water, Rajegowda  requested on be half of the protesters.

Further, the protesters in their petition said that dubbing will be an hindrance to the local actors to exhibit their talent. Thousands of artistes who are dependent on Kannada film industry will lose their livelihood. Kannada literature and culture will be sidelined, they cautioned.

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