Humble paranthas get an exotic makeover

Good news for all foodies, especially the ones who prefer ghar ka khaana. If you are looking for a truly delectable fare, which is irresistible to both the palate and the pocket then the ongoing ‘Parantha festival’ at Sunder Nagar market is just the place to be.

Navanda, a fine dining restaurant located here beckons food aficionados and gourmands alike to try out the 100 different varieties of piping, ghee-dripping stuffed paranthas and more. The restaurant is renowned for its north Indian, Mughlai and Chinese cuisines, and it is perhaps for the first time that team Navanda  is experimenting with something that is basic to every Indian kitchen – the humble

Paranthas for a common man is all about aalu, gobhi, paneer, methi, mooli (radish), onions and mixed vegetables, but at Navanda you will be spoilt for choice with a 100 different varieties on offer. The flaky outside and delectable filling is  meant to provide best quality, taste and experience to all the parantha lovers.

You begin your parantha adventure with ‘lover’s delight’ , a fine blend of mango and pineapple juice mixed with vanilla ice cream and strawberry crush. A drink that sets the mood for the platters ahead. Teasing and tantalising the hunger pangs are the wide variety of chutneys which are served with crunchy pappads before the main course. You’ll be forgiven for feasting on the ‘chutney-pappad’ combo, one of which goes by the saucy name ‘mother-in-law’ chutney, and matches the temperament with its sharp tangy flavour! Made with chopped onion, tomato ketchup, chili sauce and many Indian masalas, the chutney wins hands down. Other options on offer were pure mint, pickle and curd sauce and curd and mint sauce.

 Now for the main course which was paranthas, paranthas and more paranthas! Start with a cheese parantha, generously coated with cheese and crushed cumin seeds, white pepper and flavoured with kevra. This is the best option to start the course with. If you are partial to fruits for breakfast or after meals then the special fruit parantha is just the thing for you. Stuffed with dry and fresh fruits and flavoured with elaichi (cardamom) the flaky delectable is out of this world. 

The non- vegetarians needn’t be disappointed as there is chicken keema parantha stuffed with chicken and green coriander, chopped green chillies and ginger. The keema mutton dry fruit parantha looks very heavy but is light on the palate and stomach. Dry fruits, almonds, cashew nuts are the specialty of this parantha, which is stuffed with pieces of mutton.

Top up the parantha adventure with a triple sundae ice cream, another Navanda specialty and go back home immensely satisfied.

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