IBF cannot vote in IOA polls: IOC

The suspended Indian Boxing Federation will not have any representation in the upcoming Indian Olympic Association elections after the IOC and AIBA instructed that no official from the IBF be allowed to cast a vote in the February 9 polls.

IBF President Abhishek Matoria, senior vice-President Bhupinder Singh and Manipur Boxing Association Secretary General Khoibi Salam were listed in the electoral college for the IOA polls. But the trio will not be allowed to cast vote in the elections now.

“We would like to inform you that the current AIBA national Member Federation of India, the Indian Amateur Boxing Federation, has been suspended by AIBA. Therefore it is AIBA’s position that no representative from IABF should participate in the IOA elections and vote on behalf of the sport of boxing in India,” AIBA Executive Director Ho Kim told IOC in a letter.

In response, the IOC stated that it would adhere to the position taken by AIBA.

“In view of the situation, the IOC is also of the opinion that the Boxing Federation in India should not participate in the Elective General Assembly of the suspended IOA on February 9 and should not be allowed to nominate any of its representatives for the elections,” IOC Director NOC Relations Pere Miro said.

Meanwhile, livid with the continuing deadlock in the IBF, the AIBA has promised a “final decision” on its suspension very soon but has barred IBF officials from conducting meetings or representing the body at any forum.

In a strongly-worded missive, the AIBA has stated that it will not tolerate continued defiance of its instructions by the suspended IBF.

“As far as AIBA is concerned the IBF does not have any validly appointed officials. In other words, it is the position of AIBA that the organisation or persons who are attempting to convene the March 4 meeting and AGM have no authority or the right to do so,” AIBA Executive Director Ho Kim said in a letter, a copy of which is with

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