Do away with the glasses, pop a vodka pill

Do away with the glasses, pop a vodka pill

Do away with the glasses, pop a vodka pill

Russian professor Evgeny Moskalev of Saint Petersburg Technological University has evolved a technique that allows turning alcohol into powder and packing it in pills.

The new technique can solidify any kind of alcohol, including whisky, cognac, wine and beer. “Dry” vodka can be wrapped in paper and carried around in a pocket or a bag. Vodka in form of a pill would come handy at parties when “consumers” would be able to calculate their exact required dosage. Prof Moskalev worked for the defence industry during the Soviet regime, but during Gorbachev’s perestroika and the economic turmoil he had to start freelancing.

“One company wanted to capsulate water and spirit based extract for an animal medication. Animals do not like the smell of spirit but in capsule form it could be added to their food. As a result, we developed a technology that allowed us to turn any liquid solution into powder,” the scientist was quoted as saying by a web portal.

The technology was tested on spirit of 96 per cent purity and the know-how was patented. However, Moskalev himself prefers the classic way — a shot from a glass and a pickled cumber to chase it with.

“Unfortunately, spirit can be only retained in capsules made of stearic acid, so powdered vodka tastes like a candle. Generally, an unpleasant taste could be easily removed with flavouring agents,” Moskalev said. “To be honest, I did not like vodka in pills. It is much better to eat it with a dessert spoon, although you can’t eat more than three or four spoons and the effect is weak. So, vodka is best consumed the old way,” the scientist explained.

He says powdered alcohol could be interesting for bakers who have to use it for baked goods and ice cream all the time.

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