Heavy equipments used inside Bhadra reserve: Greens activists

Heavy equipments used inside Bhadra reserve: Greens activists

Heavy equipments used inside Bhadra reserve: Greens activists

Environmentalists have alleged that conservation of wild life in four ranges of Bhadra reserve forest has been utterly failed. Non- forestry activities are carried out unabated inside the forest and the officials have failed in checking it. 

The work on roads, culverts, check dams and ponds within the four ranges of reserve forest has affected the forest and wild life. 

The use of excavators inside the core zone of the reserve forest is a clear violation of Wildlife Protection Act. Inspite of the ban in using machines inside the forest, the officials have overlooked the rules, point environmentalists. 

The work on the 10-km road and culverts in Muthodi range is in progress. In Hebbe range, 15 -km road is being laid along with the construction of culverts, drains and check dams. 

The work on 10-km road in Lakkavalli range, construction of check dams and minor bridges are also in progress, said environmentalists. Similar is the case of Thanigebailu range. To facilitate the work, entry of visitors inside the forest has been banned. The work is being carried out in a hurry as it has to be completed in the financial year, said villagers. 

Shoddy appointments

“Forest conservator Venkateshan had said that 260 watchers have been appointed to check forest fire. However, in reality not even 30 watchers have been appointed,” villagers said and urged a high-level probe into the illegality involved in it. 

Environmentalists point that watch towers have not been constructed in reserve forest. If watch tower is there, then GPS information should be furnished. The documents show that vehicles have been hired to move around the forest. In reality, no vehicles have been hired, they said.

The order of Principal Conservator of Forest that wages for the daily labourers should be credited to their bank account has not been followed. RFOs will draw money and then hand it over to the daily labourers, environmentalists alleged.