Facial exercises to look younger

Facial exercises to look younger

Most of our facial muscles     slacken and begin to sag due to under-use. Facial workouts can help your face stay fit, and thereby, protect it from the ravages of time.  Follow the exercises given below, for five counts each, everyday.

Then          release each exercise slowly, on a count of three. Breathe normally throughout.

The eyebrow press

Placing your forefingers just under the eyebrows, pull and press upwards, and then backwards into the skull. Hold this position while trying to shut the eyes. This will strengthen the muscles of the eyelids and reverse the droop.

The eyebrow lift

Lift the eyebrows upward, and open the eyes wider and wider with each count. This will get rid of furrows and lines on the forehead.

The chin lift

Tilt the head back and press your     upper and lower lips together. Stay in this position while curling the tongue up inside the mouth, and pressing it against the upper palette, and then, smiling out. This will help keep double chin at bay and tighten up your jawline.

The upper lip tightener

Place the entire length of the thumbs inside your mouth, between the teeth of the upper jaw and the upper lip. Suck in and press the upper lip back into the teeth so that the thumbs feel squeezed. This will keep your lips from drooping with age.

(The writer is the founder of Body Art Fitness Studio, Mumbai)