Unending woes of Malekudiyas continue

Unending woes of Malekudiyas continue

Unending woes of Malekudiyas continue

The Malekudiyas dwelling on the Tadiyandamol hills are leading a pitiable life. Tadiyandamol is considered as the highest peak in the district. 

The inhabitants are deprived of basic amenities. They are eagerly waiting for the implementation of the welfare schemes of the government. 

However, the promises have remained only on paper. The programmes initiated by the Central Government for the development of tribals, have been inaccessible to these people all the years, living in Karadimotte, near Madanda Abbey falls. The tiny hamlet comes under the purview of Kakkabbe Gram Panchayat.   

The roads constructed under the Integrated Tribal Development Project ten years ago is in deplorable condition. The surface of the road has been chipped off and is not motorable. The villagers have to walk all the way to their houses. Owing to lack of storm water drains, artificial floods is a common feature during rainy season. 

The drinking water project implemented under ITDP has not benefited the residents. Water leaks from the cracks developed in the tank. The villagers have to lay pipelines to supply water from the natural water sources. Wild animals menace is on rise in the village.

The villagers still live in darkness without electricity. “Though we have appealed to the authorities to supply electricity, no measures have been initiated so far. Title deeds are a distant dream for us,” said villagers. 

The elected representatives visit us only during election campaign. After winning the election, they never turn towards us, said  Karadimotte resident Bhoja Malekudiya.