More than just shoes

More than just shoes

PUMA , one of the world’s leading sports brands, goes beyond just footwear. Its latest spring summer collection features some bright apparels and accessories for youngsters. For the fashion-conscious health freak, this is definitely a brand worth checking out.

A sporty streak

For its latest collection, PUMA looks back at its sports heritage. Connecting the dots between the past and present, classic silhouettes are
revived into fresh and new styles for today’s generation.

Speaking about the brand’s USP, the global design team of PUMA says, “The brand offers performance and sport-inspired lifestyle products in categories such as football, running, training and fitness and golf and motorsports. It engages in exciting collaborations with renowned design brands such as Alexander McQueen and Mihara Yasuhiro to bring innovative and fast designs to the sports world.”

This season’s ‘Brasil collection’ — inspired by the streets, culture, colour and sports of Brazil — focusses on functionality and performance.

“The new ‘evoPOWER 1FG’ boot has made headlines around the world for its barefoot kicking design, worn by players like Aguero, Balotelli and Fabregas. For women, the ‘ACTV Compression’ running tights and fitness range is cutting-edge with a range of silhouettes, colours and never seen before cuts — designed to flatter any shape or size while enhancing performance,” adds the team.

About the inspiration for the designs, the team explains, “The styles blend Brazilian street culture and pixacao-patterned pictorials inspired by the streets of Sao Paulo. Accessories too have a graphic inspiration and illustrative cues from the Brazilian rainforests like tropical prints and patterns.”

Targeting the age group of 16 to 35, with a ‘sweet spot’ for youngsters between 18 and 21, the collection features shoes, jackets, tees, tank tops, tights, running shorts, sports bras, capris, bags, armbands, wrist brand, running caps, belts, watches, wallets, tablet covers and iPhone covers.

The price ranges between Rs 399 and Rs 12,000.

Sachin Vijayapuram, final-year BCom, Jain College (Jayanagar), donned a motorsport look. He appeared comfortable in his grey Mini graphic tee and blue sweat pants, carrying a Mini lifestyle shoulder bag to complete the look.

Punchline: “It’s not only a different and complete look but also extremely comfortable. The colours are fresh and vibrant. But for me, the best part of this ensemble are the shoes, which are really stylish.”

Prices: T-shirt:
Rs 2,299, sweat pants:
Rs 3,499, shoulder bag: Rs 2,299, socks: Rs 399 and Mini Mid bonne shoes: Rs 6,999.

Nithya Shanker, final-year, BMS College of Engineering, sported a runner’s look with a Colour Me Up tee, apt to be worn to the gym, and Pure ACTV long tights. The arm band and bag added an interesting touch to the outfit.

Punchline: “It makes me feel slimmer and comfortable. It’s a cool and stylish look. I’d wear these pants to the gym as well as hanging out with friends.”

Price: T-shirt: Rs 1,799, inner top: Rs 1,699, tights: Rs 6,499, Mobium Elite V2 shoes: Rs 7,999, bag: Rs 2,999, armband: Rs 1,999, wristband : Rs 499 and socks: Rs 399.

Aishvarya Varma, second-year law, Christ University, showcased a lifestyle look by wearing a grey Collab tee with Calypso coral pants. She carried a tablet cover and Fame graphic satchel to go with it.

Punchline: “It’s an intriguing look. It’s not the kind of stuff that I would usually wear but it’s easy to pull it off because of the youthful colours and designs.”

Price: T-shirt:
Rs 1,299, pants:
Rs 2,499, Glyde shoes: Rs 4,999, bag: Rs 2,999, tablet cover: Rs 1,499 and socks:
Rs 399.

Sayed Zakriya, a first-year BBM student at CMR Institute of Management Studies, sported a runner’s look with an orange Pure Night Cat tee, a pair of blue shorts and matching shoes. A running cap completed the look. 

Punchline: “I wear stuff like this anyway while going for a morning run. So this particular look makes me feel like running automatically. It’s a very athletic look that’s comfortable to wear.”

Price: T-shirt: Rs 2,299, shorts: Rs 2,299, FAAS 300 V3 shoes :Rs 5,499, cap :Rs 799, socks: Rs 399 and wristband: Rs 499.

Nihaal Aaquib, third-year fashion design, Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology, opted for the look of a footballer. He paired a navy blue evoPower training tee with matching shorts and socks, which complemented the bright orange spiked shoes.

Punchline: “I like the way the clothes fit me and the colour combination is quite cool. The look makes me feel like a pro footballer!”

Price: T-shirt: Rs 1,799, shorts: Rs 1,799, socks: Rs 399, shoes: Rs 11,999 and football: Rs 1,000.

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